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Onokpasa’s outburst, mere grammatical gyrations; says Adjogbe’s Aide

By Akpos Oghenetega,

The Special Assistant on media to Engr Samuel Adjogbe, the Executive Director Projects, Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, Barr. Ogheneovo Itefue has described Barr Jesutega Onokpasa’s recent outburst on why he left APC as mere grammatical gyrations to attract undue unattention.

Olorogun O’tega Emerhor and Engr. Samuel Adjogbe, EDP NNDC

Barr. Itefue in a press release made available to ADVOCATE, said the statement credited to Onokpasa in the media, should not have emanated from someone who was wrongly assumed to be “learned simply by virtue of the title ‘Barr.’ that precedes his name.”

He added that Onokpasa is a “fellow renowned only for beer parlour politics and largely of no electoral value”; he therefore urged well meaning Deltans in particular and Nigerians to ignore him.

According to Itefue, the statement credited to Onokpasa arose, “from the bowels of an unreliable and taciturn character whose only motive is to rubbish the beaming images of the Delta State APC Leader, Olorogun O’tega Emerhor OON and a sustainable development arrow head, in the person of Engr Dr Samuel Adjogbe, the Executive Director Projects, NDDC.

He also described as highly misleading, Onokpasa’s claim that he was treated with, “extreme disrespect and unpardonable wickedness’ in spite of what he claimed to have ‘done for the party.”

“Jesutega as a writer cum lawyer was engaged and fully paid for every article he wrote for the benefit of the party. So, for him to say he helped the party is very untrue. How can he say he helped the party when he was fully paid?

“One would have expected the fire brand lawyer to understand the simple terms of a contractual relationship to which he was a party to.

“Furthermore, ask the ungrateful and greedy Onokpasa about the Toyota Corolla Car he was given in December 2017. He refused to make mention of that fact in his fallacious media report.

“Also, it smirks of utter mediocrity for Onokpasa to also fail to include in his report, all the enormous foodstuff items and money he received from the party during the festive season.

Itefue also queried why attention of all who are seeking for one benefit or the other in Delta State APC, is focused on  the office of the EDP in a state with over 10 APC appointees?

He explained that while he concedes that everyone has the right to belong to any political party of his/her choice, “I make bold to state that no single person has a monopoly of the media and the use of derogatory words.

“Any further attempt to drag the good image of these reputable change agents (Olorogun O’tega Emerhor and Engr Dr Samuel Adjogbe) would be strongly resisted with every fibre of what the media also avails. This is also without prejudice to employing appropriate legal actions.

“One day, greedy and ungrateful characters like Onokpasa would ask to sleep with party leaders’ wives as part of reward for services already paid for. God forbid! – Wonders shall never end.

“It must however, be stated that a good and recognised politician would not resort to cheap blackmail as a bait to joining another political party.

“Finally, threats of us hearing from you and others like you, leaves me with one belief – The APC is happy to purge herself of unstable characters like you.

“Dismissing the said allegation of treachery, Ogheneovo stated that it was untrue and all in a bid to put the beaming reputation of the APC Leadership in to disrepute.

“’I mean, how do you take the statements of a proven unstable character seriously?

“From defecting from the party to fabricating a report and super imposing fake authors as the true writers and then to all these talks of the Urhobos bemoaning his exit.

He stated further that, “Onokpasa knows he is bereft of any political relevance and any further response may delude him into believing otherwise.

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