Omo-Agege’s hope of APC taking over South-South in 2023 is a huge joke -Obule

 By Princess Atevure,


Delta State Coordinator of  the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP-Mobilizers, Comrade Francis Obule, has described the statement credited to the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, on the possibility of the All Progressive Congress, APC taking over the south-south region in 2023 as a huge joke that can never manifest.

Comrade Obule, a PDP Chieftain in Sapele Local Government Area who spoke in Warri, Delta State asserted that the Deputy Senate President is merely wishing his party well, adding that the party have no structure on ground to perform the magic he so desired.

According to Comrade Obule, the rate of poverty the APC-led Federal Government inflected on Nigerians, leading to huge  unemployment trailing behind the Buhari administration, “it can only be a huge joke for Senator Ovie Omo-Agege to think that Nigerians would like to vote for such a party.

He emphasized that only a blind man would think of voting for APC in 2023, a party which has borrowed so much with nothing to show for it borrowing, other than the rising debt profile which will become a burden for our children tomorrow.

He pointed out that the APC government has led us twice into recession as we remain the world poverty capital.

He disclosed further that, “What else do we need to vote APC out completely, they have nothing to offer Nigerians. The poor performance of the Federal Government is enough evidence for Nigerians to throw the party out through the ballot so that President Muhammadu Buhari can leave  Aso-Rock Villa”.



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