Omenogor urges warring communities in Ndokwa to cease fire

———-By Emeka Unue————

A Chartered Peace Advocate of United Nations, Amb. Dele Omenogor has called on warring communities in Ndokwa nation in Delta State to cease fire, and embrace peace for the overall development of the area.

Amb. Dele-Omenogor,

He stated this in a press statement he issued on Thursday at Amai, in Ukwuani Local Government Area, noted that Ndokwa people are peaceful by their nature, adding that its tiny minority that is fanning the embers of discord among the people by instigating crisis.

According to him; “the tiny minority that fan embers of discord and accentuate criminality in our various communities cannot be used as a yardstick to label any of our clans as criminal and aggressive by nature.”

He stated further that he rejects such insinuations, and call on the people to disabuse their mind, emphasizing that the Ndokwa people are very peaceful and have existed together peacefully and they all shared joy of togetherness.

“While growing up, I had visited friends across our borders during festivities and ordinary days. As it was with me then, so was it for many people of my age bracket in our growing days in the neighbouring Communities. We could cross over in our farms to collect water or pick a burning coal to make our fire in our farm huts. There was joy in sharing”.

He lamented how the very few selfish people in some of the communities have continue to cause crises in the various communities, especially as he had personally preached peace to the various communities in the recent past.

“I have crisscrossed the various communities preaching and encouraging peace building strategies in the last few months. It is therefore disheartening to see recent happenings, it indicate attempt sabotage our effort.”

Omenogor however, called on all to embrace peace, as he said that “despite this seeming sabotage, I call on all well meaning Ukwuani people to embrace peace”.

He advised the various warring communities to emulate Ebedei and Umutu communities, both neighbouring communities, who settled their boundary dispute without crises.

“The noble maturity exhibited by both communities is worth emulating. I call on other communities to understudy Umutu and Ebedei in handling land boundary disputes. Boundary dispute should not cause crisis”.

While calling on state government to do more than talking and throwing carrots, he reminded the people that crises are caused by the criminally minded individuals for their selfish goals.

“To allow crisis is to allow criminals to lead us. We must as a people reject such”.


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