We note the schoolboy tantrums that are supposed to pass as a statement issued on November 18, 2022, by Mr Charles Aniagwu. He issued the said “statement” on behalf of his boss, Ifeanyi Okowa. Therein, he referred to the Deputy Senate President as a ‘’mace thief’’ and ‘’empty’’. Here, we simply advise Aniagwu to be circumspect in his use of language. In this case, he spoke as a spokesperson of depravity.

Governor Okowa

Perhaps he should seek an interpretation of the subsisting judgments of the FCT High Court and Federal High Court, Abuja on the matter to him. The FCT High Court specifically stated what awaits reckless talkers who are ignorant of the implications of what they say on court judgments. Aniagwu may be Okowa’s spokesman, but the law has no respect for ignorance. A word they say is enough for the wise!

Ordinarily, we would have stopped there with that advice to Aniagwu and this would not have elicited any further response from His Excellency, the Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, CFR, but we feel we should take the opportunity to address Okowa instead of sycophant lapdogs like the inconsequential Aniagwu whom he sponsors to run around aimlessly shooting blanks each time he blows his dog whistle.

It is a whistle he has been blowing in pursuit of his hopeless quest as the most unpopular vice-presidential candidate of the PDP in its entire history. No doubt his unpopularity as a candidate is borne of the fact that he acquired the position as a Presidential running mate by cunning stealth and cynical deceit of his fellow party men and women, but that’s a topic for another day.

The vacuous Okowa, as ill-informed as he is, should know, having previously been a federal legislator before becoming the Delta State governor, that Senators don’t get up to one per cent of what accrues to the Delta state government on a monthly basis. He knows quite well that just one month’s resources available to Delta State, on the one hand, cannot be compared to that earmarked for federal legislators’ constituency projects over a period of four years, on the other!

So, even for a pretentious and deceitful Okowa, who we would expect to be going around Delta State regularly in his capacity as State governor, there is no doubt that he has seen first-hand with his own eyes the numerous capital projects that His Excellency, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege has initiated and completed right across all three senatorial zones in the State effectively using his position as the Deputy Senate President.

Today, the results are everywhere across Delta Central Senatorial District. From the distribution and installation of brand new 500KVA transformers across Delta Central Senatorial District to the installation of solar-powered streetlights and the renovation of selected secondary schools, and the furnishing of selected primary and secondary schools across Delta Central Senatorial District.

There is also a massive construction of water supply schemes and supply of empowerment items (cars, motorcycles, tricycles, generators, grinding machines etc) across Delta Central Senatorial District. What about the health care centres? The modern ICT centres across the eight local government areas of Delta Central?

The solar-powered streetlights, in almost all the communities across the eight local government areas of Delta Central and even beyond? The road projects in Delta Central and in Delta North? The Landing Bay at Okwagbe Community and the Shore Protection Project at Egbo-Ide all in Ughelli South?

What about the JAMB ICT exam centre and the star project that is today now known as Okowa’s biggest nightmare, the Federal Polytechnic Orogun?

The DSP has illustrated that paucity of funds is not an excuse for poor or underperformance, and all well-meaning Deltans can see and say with all sense of pride that Senator Omo-Agege is working.

His love for all Deltans has been demonstrated and established beyond any doubt. The fact is, if you are you are privileged to be elected to represent the people and you have a genuine interest in their welfare, you will perform, no matter the amount of money at your disposal.

The DSP, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege loves his people, and he loves Delta State unconditionally. And that is why he continues to work very hard, day and night to attend to the needs of his people. We pray God continues to bless, protect and keep him to do more for Delta State into the near future and beyond.

For the benefit of our readers, Deltans, Nigerians and the whole world at large, we will take out time to give a detailed compendium of his projects across the State in due course.

Senator Omo-Agege has written his name in gold and the only thing left is for Deltans to rally around him and give him the necessary support for him to help drive Delta State to achieve its full potential and rise to become one of the leading states on all fronts in the Federation.

As for Okowa, history cannot be rewritten and all the utter mess that Okowa has made of governance in Delta is on full display for all to see. It cannot be undone. The lies he peddled, the false promises which he had no intention of delivering read as a shameful litany of broken promises, daily disappointment, continuous despair, and abysmal failure. He parades from one end of the State to the other, overseeing ill-conceived and over-bloated projects.

Today, Delta is littered with his uncompleted waste-of-money projects that are grand in their conception and grand in their failures which were only ever conceived to be used as conduit pipes to siphon the commonwealth of innocent Deltans who deserve better. Okowa’s parochial cronyism, incompetence and poor governance have brought Delta State to its knees.

The State economy is in tatters, investment is at an all-time low and its reputation as an environment for vibrant economic activity lays in ruins with virtually all industries having vacated the state to friendlier locales.

M.A. Egharhevwa, Esq.

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