NIGERIA @ 57: Do not despair, Oborevwori tells Nigerians

The Speaker of Delta State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori has congratulated Nigerians on the 57th Independence Anniversary of the Nation, imploring Nigerians not to despair.

Hon Sheriff Oborevwori , Speaker, Delta State House Assembly

The Speaker in a statement in Asaba, through his Chief Press Secretary, Dennis Otu, said that the Country has made tremendous progress, adding that current challenges were for a while.

According to the Statement;” I want to congratulate fellow Nigerians on the 57th Independence Anniversary of our country. We have done very well as a Nation and people since the attainment of Independence.”

“We have done well at 57 and the future is so bright. The current challenges are surmountable and so we should not despair. There is hope for our dear country, he said.

The Speaker added that; ” My fellow Nigerians, as we mark the 57th Independence Anniversary of our country,  let us continue to work hard for the Nigeria of our dreams and collectively we will get to the Promised Land. Let us do away with violence and those things capable of tearing our country apart. Though the journey has not been easy, but we have come this far as a Nation and people and so we must continue to live in peace and unity”.

According to the Statement also;”We cannot afford to compromise the unity of our country. We must all rise against all threats to the corporate existence of our country. Let us remain united as there is strength in Unity. We should dialogue and not war. We have no other country to call our own and so we should be proud of our country and remain patriotic citizens. God bless our Country”.


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