N637 billion Debts: Delta APC challenges Okowa to probe Uduaghan ****…Says Okowa is part of the financial rot in the state



—By Onitsha Shedrack—


DELTA—The All Progressives Congress (APC), in Delta State has tasked the Sen. Ifeanyi Okowa led government in Delta state to come clean by setting up a probe panel to investigate the N637 Billion debts profile of the state, and not playing the ostrich, by trying to shift the blame of the financial rot that the PDP led government has brought into the state. Senator Okowa and Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan

The party accused Gov Okowa of playing to the gallery and being disingenuous in his recent reported statement over the state of the financial mess he allegedly inherited from his predecessor ex PDP Gov Uduaghan in the state.

According to a press statement, sent to ADVOCATE; by the APC through its media adviser; Barr. Martins Mukoro, “the party described as embarrassing and an  insult to the sensibility of Deltans , Gov Okowa’s attempt to shed crocodile tears over the huge debt profile of the state  totaling over 637 billion naira which his  predecessor left behind.

According to the party, “Gov Okowa is merely setting the stage by crying wolf to divert attention and in order to lay the foundation for him to go borrowing more money thereby plunging the state into a deeper financial disaster.

He added that, “the APC recalled have earlier forewarned Deltans, during the campaigns that Okowa represents no change, but more of the same of PDP’s 16 years of misrule. From Gov Okowa’s days as Commissioner, multiple times under Gov Ibori to his days as the Secretary to the  Government under Gov Uduaghan,  that accumulated these debts , he has no moral excuse to attempt to distance himself as if he was an on-looker or bystander while the  state was being wrecked!

“Gov Okowa was not an on- looker but a key participant and a major co-conspirator in wrecking the finances and Economy of Delta State and he is in no position to rescue Delta from the mess created by him and the past PDP administrations.

If indeed,  Gov Okowa insist he has been an on-looker and truly expect Deltans to believe he was not party to the financial rot, let him immediately and urgently institute a panel to probe the huge debt overhang in order to unearth how it was accumulated and who were the beneficiaries of the massive plundering of our commonwealth! Until then, Gov Okowa can’t pull wool over our eyes.

The party therefore urged all Deltans to brace up for the change that has been delayed and be ready to cease the opportunity of the expected re-run that may soon be ordered by the ongoing elections tribunal to support the APC at all levels to effect the desired change that will bring relief, a breath of fresh air and freedom from a political dynasty of corruption in Delta State, the statement ended.

Speaking also on the huge debt profile, an APC chieftain in Delta state, Dr. Cyril Ogodo, in an interview stated that, it’s very; unfortunate that in the past 16 years, PDP administrations in Delta State has mismanaged and ruined the economy of the state.

He added that though, before Ibori left office, the opposition in the state, started shouting that Ibori and his team were stealing Delta blind, but many never took them seriously, stressing that the outcome is what we are seen today.

According to Dr. Ogodo, “It’s unfortunate that the same rat that ate the fish; is coming out in the public to complain that the fish has been eaten by rat. Who is Uduaghan, who is Okowa, are they not apostles of Ibori political dynasty?

“Okowa was a Secretary to the State Government under the Uduaghan administration, so what is he trying to tell Deltans? Is he saying that he was not part of those who borrow this money without utilizing it for the development of Delta State? Or is he trying to tell us that we don’t know that the state was in shamble?

“Does Okowa want to tell us that the 100 billion naira loan that Uduaghan took and the 20 billion Mr. Sam Obi borrowed that we don’t know that he was part of those who initiated it and it went into the drain? Or is he telling us that billions meant for DESOPADEC that never get to the agency, that we don’t know that it went into the drain?

“Governor Okowa has nothing new to tell Deltans, he is only trying to make fool of Deltans, by playing the ostrich, by hiding its head while its body is open to the outside world, because Deltans are aware of the level of rot that the PDP led government which he is a part brought to the state.

“We are even lucky that the debt profile is only 637 billion, considering the massive corruption that has characterized PDP led government for the past 16 years. So Deltans should count themselves lucky that the debt profile is not up to 1 trillion naira.

He also added that, “Sen. Okowa should not distance himself from the burden of debt and the rot the state has been subjected to because he is part and parcel of those who brought this misfortune on Deltans, even the members of State House of Assembly who he addressed are also part of this conspiracy to steal Delta blind, so he should not shift the blame to any other person.

“So, Okowa should not weep up any sentiment that will make Delta think that he is not part of the rot. The 637 billion debts he is talking about, we are aware that part of it also was use to sponsor Okowa and Jonathan to get those phantom votes in Delta State.

“Deltans should pray that the tribunal will throw this evil cabal that had held state bound out of office for the desire change that Delta craved for.

“Okowa should stop the posturing of a saint that has come to rescue Delta State, because he is not the messiah that Delta desire. He is part of Ibori, Uduaghan political dynasty and as you know an evil tree can bring forth good fruit.

“It is only an APC led government that will bring about the needed change which will pull Delta State from the rot that the PDP government has brought upon the state.” He added.

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