LG Chairman orders Chief Omasoro to renounce his claim on Idjerhe kingship within 24hours

By Esada Uyono,

The Chairman of Ethiope West Local Government Area in Delta State, Hon Solomon Golley as ordered the self acclaimed king, Chief Omasoro Agofere 24hours ultimatum to renounce his claim to the throne, adding that Kings are not crowned at midnight.

Hon Golley stated this during a stakeholders meeting following the looming crisis in the kingdom, said that Chief Omasoro must stop parading himself as the Ovie of Idjerhe kingdom in order to forestall breakdown of law and order in the community.

According to him as a step to resolving the impasse, “Chief Omasoro must derob himself within 24 hours, let him untie that bead on this legs that signifies he is the king and failure to do so, we shall take the necessary action against him and let him stop parading as a king and for the purpose of peace. The banished chiefs must not come near the community Oguedion, (Council in chief) hall, until we resolve the issue, then we can start talking peace from there”.

He also disclosed that kings are not crowned at midnight Idjerhe kingdom and whoever emerges as king must be accepted by majority of the people, “that is why we have called on leaders of the community like Chief John Nani and Hon Halims Agoda to intervene before it gets out of hand.”

The LG Chairman also told members of the community, from the two contending factions, that only the truth could help the panel ascertain the rightful person to ascend the community’s throne, adding that the panel already setup would ensure that the right recommendations are made to the state Government.

However, the Unugbrugodo of Idjerhe kingdom, High Chief Solomon Ojariefe has commended the State government, the local government chairman, the council of chiefs, leaders, and the good people of Idjerhe kingdom for handling the kingship crisis in Idjerhe kingdom peaceful.

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