Lent is a penitent period for Christians to reflect on Christ sufferings – Ven. Egbenusi

By Angela James,

The Chaplain of All Saints’ Chapel, University of Benin, Ven. Engr. David Egbenusi has described Lent as a penitential period Christians acknowledge the limitations of humanity and identify with the sufferings of Jesus Christ.

Ven. Engr. Egbenusi made this known while speaking on the relevance of Lent with our Correspondent in his office in Benin.

While calling on Christians to imbibe the culture of Lent by giving up whatever gives them pleasure in order for divinity to be made manifest in their lives, the Clergyman noted that Lent is a period of deep reflection.

“Lent period is a time for sober reflection and Christians are supposed to forgo whatever gives them pleasure and engage themselves in the sufferings of Jesus Christ. It is a penitential period of forty days which precedes Easter and begins with Ash Wednesday. This period enables us to ponder on our mortality and frailty as humans. It’s generally a period of deep reflection and whatever you’re giving up could be in prestige or status”.

The Chaplain said that observing Lent reconciles Christians back to God and enable them to be at peace with themselves and their creator.

“Divinity becomes so pronounced in us that it can’t be quantified. When you are at peace with your creator a lot falls into place. In Edo state we have a lot of professing Christians and if we all imbibe this culture of Lent it will have multiplier effect in the sense that people will be humane. People will be calmer because the whole exercise of fasting has taken a toll on them”.

Ven. Engr. Egbenusi pointed out that the church has a rich heritage stressed that when people are conversant with it their lives become better.






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