Group charges Buhari to form government of national unity

A group, Vanguard for Transparent Leadership and Democracy (VATLAD) has charged President Muhammadu Buhari to constitute a cabinet that will reflect government of national unity (GNU) to right all the wrongs that has bedeviled the nation.


In a new message released by the group in Asaba to Journalists, Tuesday, its national President, Comrade Emmanuel Igbini, noted that the way resolved the  economic and social-political crisis ravaging the nation, since the enthronement of Democratic system after Independence in 1960 is the lack of government of national unity both at the state, local and federal governments.


The group though absolved President Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC) of any blame of the current crisis in the country, its incumbent on them to resolve all the issues having made a pledge during oath of office.



“Having critically examined the causes of the economic and socio-political crises ravaging our nation , Nigeria, since the enthronement of Democratic system after Independence in 1960, we have come to the conclusion that the first and major step to resolving and preventing these crises is for our political leaders to always as deliberate policy, embrace constitution of executive councils (cabinets) of national unity at Federal, State and local government levels that must comprise only men and women of proven records of patriotism, integrity and competence from all political parties, ethnicity, religions and professions.




“Such form of government is lawful and in line with the aim and objective of the 1999 Nigerian constitution as amended. We are not in doubt whatsoever that our beloved Nigeria is sadly on a “Life Support” having failed to respond to all economic and socio-political theories so far applied, urgently requires the collective will, patriotism and unconditional sacrifices of all Nigerians irrespective of political, ethnic, professional and religious groupings, to rescue.






“This is also in actualization of the recent call by President Buhari for Nigerians “to think outside the Box” for solution. There can be no better time than now for the President to galvanize and mobilise Nigerians, particularly our leaders of various political, ethnic, religious and professional groups to rise up in obedience to our national pledge to serve and protect our nation, Nigeria.” the group stated.



The group while demanding that President Buhari reconstitutes the boards of federal agencies and parastatals to reflect government of national unity stressed that this is the time for the President to prove his statesmanship and patriotic antecedents, warning the President to rise above narrow and partisan party politics to save the nation from total collapse.



According to the group, corruption no doubt is deadlier than terrorism and the common and worst enemy of Nigeria that must be confronted and crushed even as it acknowledged the commitment of the president to winning the war on corruption adding that regretfully the Nation’s efforts since 1960 to eradicating corruption have failed and sadly instead breads and increase corruption till date.





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