Governor Uba Sani Revitalizes Workers’ Relations in Kaduna State: Launches N500m Loans Scheme and Prioritizes Welfare

Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State has taken significant steps to restore the government’s relationship with its civil servants.
During the May Day celebration on May 1st, 2024, Governor Sani became the first governor in nine years to attend the event, marking a new chapter of collaboration and progress for the state.
Governor Sani’s proactive engagement with the workers has brought hope to the workforce, which had previously faced challenges under the leadership of the former governor, Nasir El-Rufai.
The new administration has made it a priority to improve the working conditions of civil servants and has introduced a range of initiatives to support their economic empowerment.
One such initiative is the launch of a N500 million revolving loans scheme, which aims to provide financial assistance to civil servants.
Governor Sani presented dummy cheques to some workers during the May Day celebration as a symbol of his commitment to their welfare.
In his speech, Governor Sani emphasized the importance of a motivated workforce in achieving the state’s development goals.
He also announced plans for further economic empowerment initiatives and highlighted the government’s focus on human capital development, poverty reduction, and job creation.
Governor Sani has also been in discussions with labour unions to negotiate a salary increase for state and local government employees, demonstrating his commitment to advocating for better working conditions.
He has also involved labour unions in decision-making processes, further strengthening the partnership between the government and workers.
Despite the optimism surrounding Governor Sani’s administration, workers have expressed the need for continued focus on their welfare.
They have praised the governor for his efforts to improve their working conditions but have also called for more attention to be paid to their salaries and benefits.
The launch of the N500 million loans scheme and Governor Sani’s commitment to workers’ welfare has set a positive tone for the future of the state.
As the government continues to prioritize the needs of its workforce, it is hoped that this will lead to increased productivity and a stronger economy for all residents of Kaduna State.
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