Examine manifesto, capacity of political office seekers before voting them into office, Enabulele tell Nigerians

The President of World
Medical Association, Dr. Osahon Enabulele has called on Nigerians to first look at the manifesto and the capacity of political office seekers before voting them into office.

Enabulele made the call in Benin City, while condoling with the Chairman of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, Edo State Council, Comrade Festus Alenkhe, over his mother’s demise.

“I lead an organization that is not political, we do not show any public sympathy for any political party, but on issues that border on our collective existence,as a Nigerian, I am a Nigerian. The question is how do we engaged politicians, the Nigerian state is largely dominated by those that have entrapped the people with the kind of resources they have emassed, and it has been a vicious circle, every election seems to be the time for us to get it right and we never got it right.

The question is how do we get the right leadership for the Nigerian State. Nigerians should look beyond their immediate benefits while voting for any candidate in the 2023 election. People should look at the future of Nigeria. The future of Nigerians yet unborn and look at the person that when given the mandate will guarantee the prosperity of the Nigerian state. They should selflessly commit themselves to anybody who has the capacity to deliver,they should look at character, integrity,most importantly, their health manifesto,if anybody comes to you without a health manifesto for the welfare and health of the citizens.If a candidate comes without an agenda on how to revive and bring prosperity to the Nigerian State and make it the real giant of Africa, people should not look at him. If you have a candidate without this qualities, even if he is from your village, don’t vote for him.
Nigeria needs a president that can lift it from the economic situation she finds herself.”

Dr. Enabulele who frowned at treatment meted out on health workers who worked diligently and risked their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that the virus is truncated.

” During the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic, landlords in some parts of the countries were skeptical in giving their houses to doctors to rent because they thought they could possibly contract the virus from them.

“If the ugly drift is not arrested and gripped in the bud, a lot of health practitioners might work out of their profession.

Now that I’m familiar with the root causes of the problem in the health sector; I am willing to partner the Nigeria Union of Journalists in addressing the challenges across the globe.”

He also advised the federal government to create more Emergency Centers for Disease Control to avoid the repeat of the COVID-19 experience and decried the brain drain currently plaguing the Nigeria health system.

“When I came back to Nigeria from the UK in 2020 during the first hit of the pandemic,I visited the centres in Yaba, Abuja, Gwagwalada and the National Hospital and I saw that we were not there as a country,it was fine on the pages of newspapers but were not there in reality.

We thought that we need to support the countries in the Common Wealth to fight the pandemic. We thought on how the Commonwealth Medical Association will save our people from the scourge and I advised the government on the need to plug the deficiencies in the health system.
Dr. Enabulele condoled with Comrade Alenkhe over the demise of the matriarch of the Alenkhe dynasty, Madam Rose Alenkhe.

Dr. Enabulele said Madam Rose Alenkhe lived a fulfilled life and admonished Comrade Festus Alenkhe and his siblings to take solace in the fact that their mother left a legacy which the children should emulate.

According to Dr. Enabulele, “We have every right to mourn and cry over the demise of your beloved mother, but at the same time, we cannot stop you from cry over the death of your mother. We know it is painful to lose a mother, but you should be rest assured that we will be there for you. Feel free to contact us when the need arises and we shall be there for you.”

Responding, Comrade Festus Alenkhe, congratulated the President, World Medical Association (WMA) for making the country proud globally and commended the health workers for their roles in curtailing the COVID-19 pandemic globally.

He thanked Dr. Enabulele and his team for sharing in his moment of grief and said they will be carried along in the burial arrangements.

The President of WMA, Dr. Osahon Enabulele also paid a courtesy call on Independent Television and Radio, ITV, where he was described as a Global Ambassador by the General Manager of the station.

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