Evwreni Crisis: Adjogbe, Mumakai-Unagha families petitions Okowa over unwholesome activities of Panel member, Jabin Ebinum

The Adjogbe and Unagha family has petitioned Delta State Governor, over the unwholesome activities of one of members of the Judicial Panel of Inquiry set up by the Delta State government to investigate the intra-communal crises in Evwreni Community, Jabin Irikevwie Ebinum, Esq.

The Adjogbe family, represented by Dr. Adjogbe Lucky and Unagha family represented by A.A. Mumakai-Unagha Esq accused Ebinum of attempting to subvert the cause of justice by submitting a minority report, one week after the panel concluded and submitted its report to the governor, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa.

The allegation against the Panel member, Jabin Irikevwie Ebinum, was contained in a petition written and addressed to the Governor, Senator Dr. Okowa, dated 4th of April, 2022 by Adjogbe family, represented by Dr. Adjogbe Lucky and Unagha family represented by A.A. Mumakai-Unagha Esq.

According to the petitioners in the petition dated dated 4th of April, 2022, disclosed that Jabin Irikevwie Ebinum Esq who was a member of the Judicial Panel of Enquiry set up by the Delta State government to unravel the causes of the protracted Evwreni intra-communal crisis, participated fully in the activities of the body, co-signed the Panel Report and presented same to the Governor, but only to turn around a week after, to write and forward a petition to the governor, condemning the submitted report of the panel which he co-signed with other members before submitting to the governor.

The families’ petition read thus: “Our attention has been drawn to the spurious and frivolous petition written by Jabin Irikevwie Ebinum, Esq, dated 21st March, 2022 against the report submitted by the panel set up by Your Excellency to look into the lingering crises in Evwreni Community, after signing the said report himself as well as participating in the presentation ceremony of the report by the panel to Your Excellency.

“One pertinent question that is agitating our minds about the activities and conducts of Jabin Irikevwie Ebinum, Esq, a retired Deputy Commissioner of Police and a lawyer, is that: why did he sign the main report, participate in the presentation of the said report to your Excellency and turn around to write a petition, one week after, against a report he co-signed and participated in its presentation? This is a bid to rubbish the good work of the panel for whatever amount he may have been paid or promised to be paid.”

The petitioners further alleged that there is an age-long relationship and friendship existing between Jabin Irikevwie Ebinum, a member of the Panel and one of the accused persons in the crisis, Hon. Samuel Mariere, Esq, adding that upon setting up of the Panel, the latter had allegedly attempted to compromise the former with a view to influencing the final report such that it would exonerate him and one other person.

“We are reliably informed that immediately after the committee was setup, Hon. Samuel Mariere, Esq, one of the persons heavily accused of sponsoring, directing, aiding and abetting all the atrocities and terrorism that have happened in Evwreni Kingdom, started to go round the committee members with a bid to compromise and have them do his bidding by subverting justice in the Panel’s Report. Hon. Samuel Mariere, Esq however, succeeded in recruiting Jabin Irikevwie Ebinum, Esq his old time ally to do his bidding. This resulted in several physical and phone call meetings between Jabin Irikevwie Ebinum, Esq and Hon. Samuel Mariere, Esq, where they surreptitiously had discussions about how Jabin Irikevwie Ebinum, Esq should influence the panel into write a report that will exonerate him and HRH, Oghenekevwe Kumane. The evil phone call meetings that took place between them on the 15th, 16th and 20th of December, 2021 are good evidences in this case.

“When it was obvious to Jabin Irikevwie Ebinum, Esq that he will not be able to influence the other members of the panel, they decided that Jabin Irikevwie Ebinum, Esq should write an independent report tagged minority report. It is very pertinent to ask Jabin Irikevwie Ebinum, Esq to explain what he was discussing on phone with Hon. Samuel Mariere, Esq, a party and respondent to several petitions and memorandums before the panel in which Jabin Irikevwie Ebinum, Esq is a member.

“We make bold to state that the purported Minority Report was written or co-authored by Hon. Samuel Mariere, Esq and given to Jabin Irikevwie Ebinum, Esq to adopt and submit with a bid to rubbish the good work of the panel as some facts and postulations therein were not issues that were presented before the panel.

“The whole effort by Jabin Irikevwie Ebinum, Esq and his cohort Hon. Samuel Mariere, Esq, to smuggle in the purported minority report and the petition that is flying around against the panel and its report is a bid to have HRH Oghenekevwe Kumane exonerated from all the culpabilities which the main report has placed squarely on him.

“It is our firm believe that the purported minority report of Jabin Irikevwie Ebinum, Esq is the handiwork of Hon. Samuel Mariere, Esq, in a bid to have himself and HRH Oghenekevwe Kumane exonerated from all their atrocities and terrorism acts in Evwreni, while trying to indict only those (vigilante group members) who foolishly took instructions, supports and directives from them to kill and maim innocent people, destroy and burn valuable properties of innocent indigenes of Evwreni community.

While assuring the Governor of their effort to remain calm and law-abiding in the midst of provocation, the petitioners appealed to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa order the investigation of the member of the Panel, Jabin Irikevwie Ebinum and proper punishment meted to him for breaching the oath he subscribed to as a member of the panel.

They however called on the Governor to give accelerated consideration to the Report of the Judicial Panel of Enquiry with a view to releasing the White Paper for the purpose of implementing the recommendations contained therein.

“In conclusion, while we will continue to remain calm and law abiding in the midst of all the continuous unwarranted provocation and nuances of Mariere and his cohorts over the gruesome murder of our loved ones and terrorism on the entire community, we wish to pray your Excellency to use your good office to see that Jabin Irikevwie Ebinum, Esq, is properly investigated and punished for violating the oath he took as a member of the panel.

“The office of the Director of Public Prosecution should also be investigated and whoever is found wanting for procuring the frivolous legal opinion be punished for allowing the office to be used to pervert justice and undermine the panel which was duly setup by Your Excellency. We also humbly pray that the panel report and recommendations be given effect and properly implemented through a white paper”, the petitioners stated.

All attempts to get the reaction of Jabin Irikevwie Ebinum and that of Hon. Mariere over the allegations by the petitioners have so far proved abortive.

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