Evwreni, a kingdom at war with itself

By Jerry Ukaniemovigho

If at sunrise in a community, one hears ÌROWHO ‘OKOI! and sees hooligans brandishing dangerous weapons, again, the heralds of it still pervades the air at noon and at sunset and midnight, the boom off of same, surfaces the serene atmosphere, one may perforce ask if such community is not at war.

This is the exact situation currently pervading the entire Evwreni, as each new day presents a new crisis. We are at war, but no-one knows who we are fighting, except the merchants of war whose stock-in-trade is to kill with their hirelings for blood (lackeys who carry out their instructions to the later by wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting and vulnerable members of the public).

I want to know. My friend, who are we fighting? Is war a good virtue, how come its consumes humanity? SHAME!

Evwreni must have made a mistake. The axiom which says, “give a youth who is desperate power and he would abuse it,” is playing itself out. A friend once told me that, oftentimes, those at the helm of affairs in a society, the people most assumed or so much relied on to be the arrowheads of wisdom, however, are the biggest fools of all. That they carry on the most sordid business and by the most corrupt methods. Whenever it is necessary, they lie, perjure themselves, steal, cheat, even kill and mislead the public. Nevertheless, they are highly respected because of their positions. There is no lack of flattering lackeys to kowtow to them and call them, “Your Highness or Right Honourable,” in public. The motive of these people is simple and clear enough: They are after some of the plunders (Loots) and as such, they cannot say the truth.

We have completely gone out of radar years back, immediately we started regarding some class of people as sacred cows and thereby allowed them to carry out whatever they pleased with impunity, not knowing, we have extinguished their fear and consequently overturned in them one of the great pillars of morality, which shouldn’t be at this time and age.

Someone said, “You have to manage what you have.” Ìjo—No, it is against the law of nature. You don’t bite more than what you can chew. I won’t harbour a twelve feet boa constrictor or python in my house.

I am not sure how much merit there could be in anybody’s broadside over the gruesome murder of these two young chaps in the community. But as far as I am concerned, we are humans in human society, guided by the laws of the state and as such, nobody should hide under any canopy of lies after a deliberate act.

It doesn’t make one a bold man if one opens one’s eyes to grind a very bitter herb and declines thereafter to drink it.

Let’s face the truth for once by bringing out the killers for peace’s sake and sternly warn the remainders to desist from the act of trying to drive people out of the community.

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