Eholor reiterate call for police reformation

The President of One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor popularly known as Ultimate Equal has reiterated the total reformation of the Nigeria Police Force to enable them to measure up with their contemporaries in the western world.

Chief Eholor who made this known in a statement made available to our Correspondent in Benin pointed out that his earlier call for Police reformation was greeted by criticisms.

He averred that the Police who are supposed to be friends with Nigerians end up brutalizing them daily.

“The police are supposed to protect us and be our friends but we end up having police who become our enemies and brutalize us daily.

From recent research, it was discovered that just 1 police do protect 400 Nigerian citizens according to United Nations. This is abysmal and unheard of, how do we expect more from Nigerian police when they are poorly funded and do go through all series of torture all in the name of training!

It is on this note that I call on stakeholders to join the One Love Foundation movement and stand for the total support of Police Reformation because the Police are yet to learn their lesson”

Chief Eholor said that Aba Kyari is just a dot in a wide circle and that today people speak badly of him and castigate him for various nefarious activities which he had engaged in also described Evans as a notorious kingpin who grew from a rugged background and became a notorious kidnapper.

“Evans was a popular kingpin kidnapper who grew up from a rugged background to become one of the most notorious kidnappers in Nigeria, Evans sure was birthed to by a woman with the sperm of a man, but after giving birth there were no plans for his future and hence the kidnappings and fortunate for Nigerians he has been apprehended.

Now back to the story of Aba Kyari like I’ve noted, Aba kyari is just a dot in the wide circle this isn’t a justification for his act of wickedness and corrupt practices, when myself and others do yarn for police reformation we receive abusive words from the opposition and the likes but the cause of the agitation is becoming more obvious as days rolls into years.

If we Nigerians are not careful the #Endsars Protest will continue with a different dimension”


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