Ede Dafinone: When Character and Competence meet

By Donald Okagbare

The 2023 general elections are weeks away. In four weeks another senator would be elected to represent the people of Delta Central. The beautiful thing about the coming election is that it is not about political parties but the character of the individuals flying the various party flags.

Character, competence, compassion and commitment will define the qualities of the senator the people seek. It is not about any ruling political party. It is not about who can use his mouth to tear the opponent to shreds. It is about the content of the man’s character and the perception of the people concerning the candidate.

Delta central does not need a strong man. Strong institutions drive great democracies across the globe. Delta Central needs a man of character that will add value to Urhobo political rating through due diligence, commitment and compassion. Urhobo is at a defining moment of making a choice between an arrogant and boastful political Goliath and a humble, competent, humane and charming son of a David whose character and proficiency are not in doubt. The coming battle is between Chief Ighoyota Amori, a boastful man without a name and hopes outside politics and Chief Ede Dafinone a humble man of means who can effortlessly pay Amori’s bills yet boast of nothing. He is humble like a dove and bears a name that towers beyond the shores of Nigeria as a professional chartered accountant.

As we inch closer to the 2023 polls, Urhobo will do well to be freed from all extraneous forces by voting Ede Dafinone who will trace his victory to the people who have consistently waited for quality representation in the senate. That is what we found in Senator Ovie Omo-Agege. And that is what the people seek to reproduce through the ballot in February. Chief Ighoyota Amorighoye does not fit the bill. He represents the evil that has kept the people down for many years. Urhobo needs a man with conscience, character and integrity. Dafinone is a flawless political discovery, a man of conscience and dignity who will not sacrifice Urhobo for anything. Political exigency can easily sway Amori to follow the path of infamy for self-glory.

Ede Dafinone’s competence is not in doubt. His success story in the private sector where he sits atop a vast array of highly successful professional accounting dinosaurs is suggestive of his competence and integrity. No man succeeds as an accountant without integrity. That he has cut a niche for himself in the accounting world is enough testimony to his proficiency, competence and character. Dafinone, unlike some other persons, will not play politics with Urhobo honour. He stands taller than the rest in terms of character and competence. Urhobo cannot throw away this special breed for some political reprobates with a history of betrayal of Urhobo political visions in the past.

Ede Dafinone is the real deal for 2023. He is a complete gentleman and not an abrasive broken megaphone. Urhobo wants an unassuming achiever whose performance records will be appreciated by all and those records will speak for him and not a loud mouth empty head. In the politics of 2023, the party is no longer supreme. What is supreme is the individual, his character, his prospects, and evidence of compassion for humanity. The Ede Dafinone Foundation is one of the evidence of Dafinone’s compassion and humane approach to issues that border on the welfare of the people. And all Dafinone has achieved for the people through the Foundation had always been from his sweat and not some gains from politics. The likes of Toyota Amori who made fortunes through politics and became who they are through politics have not been able to do anything close to what Dafinone has given to humanity over the years. His compassionate disposition to his people is his driving force in life and politics. He will do anything to touch lives and make life bearable for the indigent members of society.

As had been remarked over and over, Ede Dafinone is not the ordinary politician, who serves self and personal interest in the name of serving the people. As the perfect gentleman he is, Dafinone is known for meticulous, responsible, conscientious and straightforward achievement. He is into politics for service and service only. He will always serve the interest of the people and his first four years in the senate will lend credence to this fact. Ede Dafinone is where character and competence meet. Let us send him to the senate for Delta Central to continue on the glorious path and for him to build on the solid foundation which Senator Ovie Omo-Agege had laid.

Donald Okagbare writes from Effurun, Delta State

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  1. ede Dafinone is the best candidate for Delta central Senatorial District

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