DR IBE KACHIKWU AND THE EMPOWERMENT OF DELTA APC MEMBERS: An ounce of examples out weighs a pound of theory


I have read with amusement the sermon preached by Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, the Petroleum Minister that is supposed to be representing Delta (APC) in the Federal cabinet urging party big wigs to recognize that only the empowerment of party members can bring harvest of support for our party in the future political outing.

Dr Emmanuel Ibe Ktroleum, Minister of State for Petroleum

Considering that Dr. Kachikwu has been in office for over two years, I am compelled to say, let charity begin at home.

Except for the office of the Governor of the Central Bank occupied by Godwin Emefiele, the second highest office occupied by a Deltan better put a supposed APC chieftain is that of the Minister for Petroleum occupied by Dr. Emmanuel Kachikwu. Had the Delta APC been blessed with committed and dedicated members who are focused on building an army of dedicated Party men and women through a deliberate empowerment initiative, today, one would have been persuaded that all the necessary arsenals needed to dismantle the evil PDP regime in the State are already in place.

Suffice to state that the reverse has been the case with these Men at the helms of affairs seemingly occupying the slot of our State sic APC Delta.

It is evident that if at all, the only persons they have so far patronised are PDP bigwigs. The retinue of empowerment opportunities in NDDC is not left out in their competition to out perform each other in in their quest to empower PDP bigwigs and their lackeys.

Can the CBN Governor tell us how many APC bigwigs he gave the chance to get their children and wards employed in the last CBN recruitment exercise? And I will tell you how Okowa and several PDP bigwigs have their children gainfully employed in the CBN.

Can the Petroleum Minister tell us how many APC chieftains let alone members he has patronised via the innumerable opportunities that exist in his ministry and her mouth watering Parastatals?

It has been said that an inch of example is better than a pound of theories. Let the Petroleum Minister and the other appointees from Delta wake up and be alive to their responsibilities as the verdict of history awaits everyone for their glorious or ignoble role.

By Chuks Erhire,

APC chieftain,

Writes from Delta

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