Disregard calls for the dissolution of current NDDC Board; Urhobo Youths urge FG

By Atevure Princess,

Urhobo Youths under the auspices of the Urhobo National Youth Council UNYC, has called on the Federal Government to disregard calls for the dissolution of the current Nsima Ekere led Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC, Board. 

Nsima Ekere, NDDC Chairman

Urhobo Youth Leader, Comrade Monday Oyeghe at a press conference held in Asaba, Capital of Delta State, on Thursday, stressed that needless protests, agitation and media showmanship cannot override the dictates of the enabling law under which the Interventionist Agency was established.

He explained that, “it smirks of needless politics and activism aimed only at distracting a lawful board whose tenure is clearly provided for in the NDDC Act,” therefore the needless agitation should be ignored.

Oyeghe who is also an APC youth leader in Delta State, pointed out that it amounts to an affront on the change mantra of the present APC led Government for certain groups to threaten violence and unrest, should their unlawful and politicized demands are not met.

According to him, “we are confident that Mr President cannot be swayed by these pockets of politicized demands and agitations as against what the law provides.

‘’The Nsima Ekere led NDDC Board is a full fletched board with a tenure of four years, as provided by the NDDC Act and no amount of politics or media showmanship can rewrite the clear provisions of the NDDC Act.’ He added.

The group therefore called on all law abiding youths in the Niger Delta region to continue to support the current NDDC Board to enable them deliver on the mandate given to them by the Mr President.

They also charged Niger Delta Youths to shun merchants of violence who wants to use them to achieve their selfish gain by throwing the now peaceful region into another filed of violent.


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