Delta Central 2023: Nani is in the race to win, ‘ll not step down for any reason -Chief Ogodo

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in Delta State, Chief Cyril Ogodo has debunked rumours that the frontline PDP Delta Central Senatorial aspirants, Chief John Obukohwo Nani has stepped down from the race, noting that Nani is in the race to win and will not step down for any reason.

Chief Ogdoo who is the Director-General of Chief John Obukohwo Nani Campaign Organization, in a signed press release said that Nani has never contemplated stepping down from the race, adding that the rumour being circulated by loyalists of his opponent is not only a mischievous but a baseless lie.

The statement reads: “The attention of the Chief John Obukowho Nani Campaign Organization has been drawn to a misleading report circulating on social media that Chief John Obukohwo Nani has stepped down from the Senatorial race. Ordinarily, we would have ignored the piece of misinformation, but any tissue of falsehood left unchecked may inadvertently adorn the garb of truth. Also, it is our solemn duty and obligation to avail the unsuspecting and reading public of the truth about our principal, at all times.

We wish to state categorically and emphatically that there was no time Chief John Obukohwo Nani, ever contemplated stepping down from the race and that the beguiling information currently being circulated on social media, purportedly from Chief John Obukohwo Nani, is from the figment of the imagination of the authors.

We are, therefore, using this medium to inform the general public to disregard the spoofing report.

Matte-of-factly, it is unequivocal with verifiable evidence that Chief John Obukohwo Nani, the great pillar of AghwemutUrhobo and beacon of light for the Urhobos of Delta Central, is poised for a resounding victory at the party primary on Monday 23rd May 2022 and subsequently represent Delta Central Senatorial District effectively at the National Assembly.

His unsurpassed contribution to the Urhobo people’s infrastructural and human capital development is extraordinary and has clearly positioned him for the task ahead.”

Advocate Nigeria