COVID-19: NDT debunked alleged ill-treatment of its Managing Editor, Onojeghen

…Says he is in safe hands, not neglected

Theophilus Ovie Okpare Onojeghen

By Atevure Princess,

The management of Niger Delta Today (NDT) online newspaper, has expressed shock and disappointment over a misleading statement credited to Barr Omes Ogedegbe who accused the Delta State Government (DTSG) and NCDC of negligent in handling the case of its Managing Editor, Theophilus Ovie Okpare Onojeghen, who tested positive to COVID-19.

NDT disclosed that since its Managing Editor tested positive, Ogedegbe has not contacted or interacted with him, even as NDT made news of his COVID-19 status public, adding that Ogedegbe’s outburst in the social media was, therefore, gratuitous and unfortunate.

NDT also explained that the Ogedegbe’s allegation was the figment of his imagination and does not reflect its Editor’s condition or any opinion.

According to them, “ordinarily, we would not want to join issues with anyone regarding the health of our editor, but this has become necessary to set the records straight.

“Since our Managing Editor tested positive, Ogedegbe has not contacted or interacted with him, even as NDT made news of his COVID-19 status public.

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“NDT affirms here that Ogedegbe’s wild imagination does not reflect our Editor’s condition or any opinion sought at any point from him by Ogedegbe.

“While it’s common knowledge that all stakeholders are yet challenged from meeting perfection in the fight against a ravaging global pandemic, NDT attest that Onojeghen has never been neglected by NCDC or the DTSG. Both stakeholders have been well-meaning from the go, from sample collection, through a test to even now that our Editor is undergoing treatment at a state Isolation Center.

“Against Ogedegbe’s assertion, NCDC at the point of evacuating our Editor took necessary information and set modalities for contract tracing on account of Onojeghen, with same attention being put in place on dealing with the case of his wife and son at the moment.

“Ogedegbe made reference to our Editor’s wife and son not having been tested without acknowledging that fact that there are protocols which are being duly followed by our observations.

“Ogedegbe couldn’t have also known that beyond NCDC and DTSG commendable attention, there has also been an outpouring of concern by various other stakeholders including a former Governor who has been sacrificially offering expert advice almost every hourly as an accomplished medical expert.

“It’s unfortunate that even after proving to Ogedegbe that he faltered in jumping to a conclusion without any interaction with our Editor, he has continued to spread his misinform, even against further intervention by other concerned stakeholders, giving us the impression that he has ulterior motives for this display of impunity.

“We advise Ogedegbe not to use the case of our editor to prosecute this needless politicisation of Covid-19 in Delta. More critically, his crying more than the bereaved poses more threat the condition of our Editor who is being inundated by ceaseless calls from individuals or groups wanting to confirm if the vexed falsehood has the approval of Onoheghen who should be having enough rest to speed his recovery.

“As a medium reputed for integrity, many of our readers can attest to the fact that if our Editor is being ill-treated as he undergoes recovery process, NDT will sound the alarm so loud no matter whose ox is gored.

“We, therefore, ask the NCDC and DTSG, directly maligned by the falsehood and the general public to disregard the fabrications being spread by Ogedegbe. Our Editor is in safe hands and NDT thanks all who continue to show genuine concern as we pray for a speedy recovery for our boss.

Management; NDT …news you can trust.”

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