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Community declares Weyinmi Ogbanghankomi wanted for been Gay

——–By Akpos Oghenetega———-

Ikpisan Community, Warri South local government area, Delta State has declared one Mr Weyinmi Ogbanghankomi, 29years old, wanted for desecrating the community by engaging in homosexuality, an act considered as a taboo in the community.

Weyinmi Ogbanghankomi

 ADVOCATE gathered that leaders of Ikpisan Community discovered to their chagrin that Mr Weyinmi Ogbanghankomi is a gay, and have been involved in amorous relationship with another young man simply identified as Kalley, from Edo state.

According to one of the community leader, Chief Tom Bemigho, sometimes in July this year, our local security personnel arrested Mr Weyinmi Ogbanghankomi, for engaging in homosexuality, a crime which penalty can be death.

Chief Bemigho added that, “while bringing Mr Weyinmi Ogbanghankomi before the Council of chiefs, he managed to escape and since then, no one has seen him or heard from as his whereabouts’ has remained unknown.

“So, the community leaders decided to declare him wanted in order to get him and make him to perform the rituals of cleansing the land he desecrated, by facing the penalty of his crime.

Recall that recently the Lagos State Government on August 2nd 2017 arraigned 28 adults and 12 minors before a Lagos Magistrate Court for allegedly engaging in homosexuality contrary to the laws of the land.

Nigerian authority arraignment of 42 men arrested in Lagos on account of their alleged homosexuality shows the latest example of the country’s tough stance against the gay community.

In 2014, former president Goodluck Jonathan signed the same-sex marriage prohibition bill, forbidding marriage, same-sex cohabitation and any “public show of same-sex amorous relationship directly or indirectly is prohibited.”

Penalties range from 10 to 14 years in jail, the law has stoked fear in Nigeria’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.



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