CLO Crisis: Uvwie Vice Chairman, Ighedo knocks Otomewo

…Says Otomewo’s recent comment against him on CLO crisis is a fabricated falsehood


The Vice-Chairman of Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State, Olorogun Daniel Ighedo has rained heavy knocks on a former Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in the State Chief Victor Otomewo, describing the recent utterances that he was blacklisted and curse placed on him as a   fabricated falsehood against him by Chief Otomewo.

The Uvwie Local Government Vice Chairman, Olorogun Ighedo (the Ugherughe) on Friday lambasted Chief Otomewo for his comments that he (Daniel) and others were blacklisted, cursed and attempted to be joined by Motion in the suit filed against the Delta State Police Commissioner.

According to the Uvwie Local Government Area Vice Chairman, he is not contesting anything with anybody, and that all he has done in Ekpan Community and Uvwie Local Government Area is borne out of patriotism and love for the Community and the Kingdom.

He described it as an unnecessary attack on him, noting that his name was never in that suit No. EHC/149/2021 and he did not facilitate the filing of a motion for joinder.

The Vice-Chairman in a statement signed by his media assistant, Hon Ejiro Ogigigben averred that his reverence for the Traditional Ruler of Uwvie Kingdom is inestimably high.

While saying that he does not want to join issues with Chief Otomewo over what he described as his unfounded and unguarded allegations against him, he is particularly disenchanted with the allegations of blacklisting and curse.

According to the Statement;   “Considering the level of education and decades of experience Chief Victor Otomewo has put into the practice of law, he is not expected to make such unfounded allegation. Assuming without conceding that the Ovie of Uwvie kingdom can blacklist and curse the Honourable Vice Chairman, it is only expected that he be given notice of whatsoever the allegation against him is and be given an opportunity to defend himself before the alleged curse and/or execution”.

Olorogun Ighedo noted that they initially had their doubts about some of the comments credited to Chief  Otomewo until it was confirmed that he openly boasted that morning before the Court delivered the Ruling that they (Applicants) will know that they ( the  Council of Chiefs in Uvwie Kingdom ) are powerful, the motion shall be dismissed.

He lamented that the former Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice could make such comments

On the unfounded allegation that his motion for joinder was dismissed, Olorogun Ighedo said that he was not a party to the motion, adding his name was not in all the processes filed in the said suit, and therefore wondered why Chief Otomewo was always getting agitated anytime his name was mentioned.

He said in the statement that; “Chief Otomewo and his co-travellers  that are in the attitude of character assassination of innocent law-abiding citizens must refrain from making speculative and unfounded  allegations against the person of Olorogun Daniel Ighedo  and his hard-earned reputation”

He made it clear that he was not however unaware of the desperate and unlawful manners,  the Uvwie Traditional Council which Chief Victor Otomiewo belongs to is trying to arm-twist the Companies in Ekpan to relieve some of the Community liaison officers of their duties.

He used the opportunity to express his heartfelt gratitude to those who opted to adopt a civil approach in pursuing their rights rather than resorting to self-help and encouraged them to always follow the path of due process, and noted that; “It’s said, that an ounce of ignorance is profoundly more expensive than a jar of knowledge.” The self-help being employed by the Uvwie Traditional Council should not be seen as a good precedent”.

“The Traditional Council being misled by Chief Victor Otomewo must tread with caution and desist from taking laws into their hands through the use of their armed thugs and relatives to criminally embarrass and threaten the lives of law-abiding residents of Ekpan. Which elder does that”, he said.

He added that;   “Chief Victor Otomewo must understand that respect is reciprocal,  His Excellency, Senator (Dr.) Ifeanyi  Arthur Okowa, the Executive Governor of Delta State has sacrificed so much to restore peace and tranquillity to Ekpan Community in particular and Uvwie Local Government Area in general. It is, therefore, a shame that this desperation that is prompted by the turnaround maintenance of the Warri Refinery Petrochemical, Ekpan is a big threat to the peace and tranquillity being enjoyed in Ekpan for some years now”.

He promised to continue to support all efforts to develop Uwvie Local Government Area and increase the human capital development of its citizens.

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