Akpoyibo’s defection to PDP has no effect on Omo-Agege political structure- Ogbajini

By Ovasa Ogaga,—————


A member of Senator Ovie Omo-Agege political family, Evangelist Felix Ogbajini, has said that the defection of the former transition chairman of Ughelli North LGA, Chief Friday Akpoyibo to the PDP will have no effects on the senator political structure.

Evangelist Felix Ogbajini


Ogbajini in an interview with  our correspondent at Ughelli, stated that Akpoyibo exit was a big relief to the political family of the distinguished Senator, stressing that they don’t need black sheep in the fold, adding that he has been praying for betrayers within the Omo-Agege’s camp to leave.


“Now that God has answered that prayer for us,  all we need to do now is to continue to give thanks and praises to His Holy Name for his good and marvelous works”, Ogbajini said.


According to Ogbajini,  it is appalling to see the PDP rejoicing and ascribing so much importance to Chief Akpoyibo who he said lacks value and substance that could merit him to glory himself in the carriage of a ‘kitchen cabinet member of Omo-Agege’ which he is currently being referred to by the PDP.


” Akpoyibo’s going to PDP is not an issue to us and he does not command the respect being arrogated to him by the confused PDP,  because if they are not confused,  they would have known that former chairman is frustrated as to contemplate leaving a high-flying political empire like that of the distinguished Senator Ovie Omo-Agege and go back to PDP,  which means he was never in Omo-Agege’s caucus  in the first place.


Ogbajini maintained that the Senator’s political family have been very skeptical about Akpoyibo’s activities right from when he was made caretaker committee chairman, ” As a chairman he lacked political experience and till date he is still grappling to find his feet politically since he left the council as chairman.”


He stated further that when Senator Omo-Agege joined the APC earlier this year with members of his political family, some of who had joined the APC since last year, Chief Akpoyibo’s political status remained uncertain as he never showed any clear signs of full membership for the APC.


“I dare to say that Akpoyibo was not even an APC member and I dare him to produce any evidence to that effect”, Ogbajini said,  adding that the likes of Akpoyibo are those who hide under the robes of Senator Omo-Agege to deceive gullible members of the public who may not care very much to ascertain their true positions.


While emphasizing that Akpoyibo neither commands any appreciable political value, nor have any retinue of supporters that he could pull along with him in his “ill-fated” journey to the PDP.


He added that persons that Akpoyibo is currently banking on to follow him to his decamping event came to the Omo-Agege political family to seek advice and were told to collect the monies allegedly promised them by the PDP as inducement for coming with Akpoyibo.


“So on that day you will only see people that will go there to collect the monies promised them because we have told them that they should collect the money being offered by the PDP because the money belongs to the people.”


He emphasized that Omo-Agege political family remains very strong by virtue of its trademark of sincerity and commitment to servicing the people who have developed confidence in Senator Omo-Agege.


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