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Emaduere, Onota family warns Mrs Ogaga to stop parading herself as family head

The enlarged and entire members of the Emaduere and Onota family of Udumoto Quarter, Ekpan, Uvwie Kingdom in Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State, has caution Chief Mrs Felicia Ogaga to stop parading herself as the Head of the family, warned that she may face legal action if she refused to heed their advice.

In a press release signed by Mr Felix Ovuomoghere, Mr Uloho Michael, and Mr Abel Okeh on behalf of the family, they disclose that the actions of Mrs Ogaga are a Taboo to Uvwie- Urhobo traditions and Culture.

The family was also accused of using divide and rule tactics to cause division among members of the Emaduere and Onota families.

They further accuse her of using one Mr Tisha Richard Samerene, her stooge as a front and head of the family in order to short change the entire members of the family.

They further alleged that a Working Committee nominated and elected by the whole family was unilaterally dissolved by Chief Mrs Felicia Ogaga without consultations.

According to them, “it’s abominable and a taboo for only the women of the family to be presiding over meetings and signing documents belonging to the entire Emaduere and Onota family while the men are left out.

“The situation is so bad to the extent that meetings are held in her (Chief Mrs Felicia Ogaga) private home as against Emaduere family compound.

“In some cases, she selects some few people to meetings as against the entire family.

“Henceforth, we are using this medium to inform all children of Emaduere and Onota not to attend any meeting called by Mrs Felicia Ogaga or attend any call to her residence. We will allow any taboo or abomination in our family! It is unheard of in Uvwie Urhobo land that a woman is the Head of a family or rule over men.

They stated also that Mrs Ogaga’s actions are “very detrimental” to the interest and wellbeing of the Emaduere and Onota family because of her selfish interest when she reversed decisions reached by the entire family.

They equally stated, “It’s unfortunate that she always goes against any decisions taken by the family after we all have agreed, she will call some few persons to another meeting where they will take a contrary decision from that which entire family took.

“She also unilaterally made a publication in a National Newspaper without consulting anybody or getting the consent of the entire family members.

“So, all these reasons and others not mentioned have cause to ceases to be parading herself as the head of Emaduere and Onota family, If she fails to heed to our advice, she will definitely going to hear from us legally.

“Enough is enough, Mr Felix Uvoumoghere is our Head of Family and anybody who deals with Chief Mrs Felicia Ogaga will not be recognised or accepted by the Emaduere and Onota family of Udumoto Quarter of Ekpan, this is a consensus and a collective decision of the entire family,” the statement added.

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