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Uwheru Youths accuse Muoboghare of double standard in allocation of employment slots 

Prof Patrick Muoboghare

….decry marginalisation by political leaders

By Gabriel Oghenekaro

Youths of Uwheru Kingdom in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State, have decried what they described as gross marginalisation by political leaders and government representatives from the kingdom. 

They specifically accused the Delta State Commissioner of Higher Education, Prof Patrick Muoboghare of heading an alleged cabal of political leaders who are hell-bent on holding the Kingdom to ransom by selfishly aggrandizing the collective wealth of the people for their personal gains.

While speaking on behalf of the youths in a chat with journalists, at Ughelli, Hon. Umukoro Oghenevwarhe, a former councilorship aspirant for Uwheru State Ward, lamented that despite her many advantages, Uwheru and her teaming youths are the most backward in the entire local government area.

According to Hon. Umukoro, “Uwheru people are some of the most hard-working, her youths are industrious and very educated, but inspite of her many advantages, Uwheru and her teaming youths, are the most backward in the whole of Ughelli North, with an army of unemployed youths.

“The problem of Uwheru backwardness stems from just one thing, and that is bad leadership. Uwheru is represented by the most selfish, wicked, visionless and greedy people led by Patrick Muoboghare.

“In a civilised society, people like Muoboghare will cool their feet in jail for unaccounted billions of naira made for the Uwheru collective polity, but in a lawless society like ours, they strut about town calling themselves leaders. How can you call yourself a leader when your community people are suffering?

“The worst of all, he is a Commissioner of education. Prof Patrick Muoboghare calls himself Uwheru leader and also a PDP leader. He and his Personal Adviser refuse to employ Uwheru youths for teaching jobs but instead, they went about extorting money from Uwheru unsuspecting graduates in the name of unexisting employments.

“Muoboghare sticks to any appointment he can get because he knows he cannot contest any elective office and win. If he calls himself a leader, he should pick a ticket for the 2023 election if he will win the election.

“At first we were happy when our Governor, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa picked him as Commissioner, and we want to sincerely thank the governor for remembering Uwheru kingdom and also want to thank him for the good work he is doing in Delta State and I pray God to continue to protect and grant him long life to see his fourth and fifth generation.

“But it is very pertinent to state here that our able Governor picked the wrong person in Uwheru kingdom. The bad leadership has turned Uwheru graduates into yahoo boys and girls, and these same leaders are the ones still blaming the youths. During employment,  Muoboghare will keep the space for his children and his PA’s children alone. I want to use this medium to inform them that those boys they turn to yahoo today will come to fight them in the 2023 election.”

When contacted for his reaction, Prof Patrick Muoboghare told on the phone that he is unaware of any employment slots given to Uwheru let alone hijacking it, adding that neither his Personal Adviser nor Personal Assistant is from Uwheru.

According to him, “I don’t know of any employment coming or zoned to Uwheru, and my PA and SA are not from Uwheru, that is my official reaction.”

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