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PIB: You cannot blackmail Senator Omo-Agege -Onokpite

An All Progressive Congress, APC, youth leader in Delta State has warned those trying to use the recently passed Petroleum Industry Bill, PIB, to blackmail the Deputy Senate President, His Excellency, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege to desist from doing so.

He further warned that he is nothing going to hesitate to drag the principles of those behind the “wicked campaign on Social Media”

Comrade Edafe Onokpite, APC youth leader in Delta State


Comrade Onokpite who Chairman of Edafe Onokpite Foundation while speaking with journalists in Warri said his clarification became necessary and timely given the fact that Senator Ovie Omo-Agege is not the only senator from the Niger Delta Region and he couldn’t have been able to single-handedly change the tide!

He opined that there is another opportunity for those who believe that the 3% is enough to go to Abuja during the joint session to harmonise position by both Chambers of the National Assembly.

According to him, “3% or 5% is not enough rather, 10% as demanded by the people of Niger Delta Region for Host Communities should be what we should collectively fight for.” Adding that 3% or if eventually 5% is accepted is a starting point rather than blaming Senator Omo-Agege as if he is the only Senator from the entire Niger Delta Region.

” I’m very disappointed in the attitude of some politicians who want to politicise everything. I’m very uncomfortable with a lot of posts online blaming the Deputy Senate President, that if he had not supported the 3,% the Senate would have succeeded in passing the Petroleum Industry Bill.

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“My question to these media aides to some of these enemies of progress, can a tree make a forest? We have 109 Senators, how many are from Niger Delta Region? And why single out Obarisi? So, of all the developments, he has brought to Urhoboland and Delta State, the only way some people want to pay him is through blackmail? We are not going to tolerate it. I m going to give them back  in their way”

The struggle for 13 %  derivation started with 1% with the then OMPADEC but today it is 13% until we control our resources the struggle continues. And until the entire Niger Delta Region is developed through resources control. So, let’s start from somewhere and continue the agitation from there, definitely, we will get to the promised land.

“But blame game or blackmailing Obarisi or any other person to score political point will not solve any problem”

Onokpite stated further that nobody from Niger Delta Region is happy with the Bill presently, most especially the “Frontal Exploration” which states that 30% of Nigeria National Oil Cooperation NNPC yearly profit is going to be used for oil exploration the in North which according to him is like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

He advised that those who are opposed to the Bill still have the opportunity to push for amendment during the joint session of both Houses rather than blaming” One man among 109 Senators.  “Besides the North is in favour of this bill. We just have to put our house in order and speak with one voice on this issue rather than resorting to blackmail and name-calling”

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