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OPINION: Okowa’s comments on Omo-Agege childish, irresponsible 

Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa

By Aruviere Martin Egharhevwa,

My attention has been drawn to comments made by Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa and published by PM news (November 15, 2021). Okowa took a rather infantile advantage of his appearance before newsmen to make incendiary, reckless and outrightly irresponsible comments about his superior in the person of the Deputy President of the Senate.

In an apparently naive and opportunistic manner, instead of highlighting his achievements across the State, Okowa disrespectfully said that Senator Omo-Agege lied in his assessment of the State.

With Delta’s huge revenue profile, it cannot by any stretch of imagination be a luxurious expectation that Delta should enjoy a comparative advantage in social infrastructural and human capital development.

But coming into Delta from her neighbouring States, one is faced with abject poverty, criminal neglect of social infrastructures, decaying values and reckless leadership arrogance, all foisted on the people by a totally visionless clique of demi-gods motivated solely by a satanic agenda to ‘Steal, Kill and Destroy’ good things or people.

For indeed, what is happening to the infrastructure of Warri, Sapele, Asaba, and Ughelli (just to name a few) is nothing but a determination on the part of Okowa’s administration to take us backwards to the days of the Early Man.

True Deltans have no respect for Okowa and his failed administration. It is only in this clime that persons who rig elections senselessly see themselves as leaders and we wish to strongly advise and warn Okowa to face his mediocre, debts-plagued and corrupt administration in the hope he could just learn something to do on the job rather than acting like a bull in a China shop.

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Okowa may believe his own lies. Those lies may have imposed upon him a misinformed mindset. Those lies may have bred schizophrenia in him to forget reality and truth. Those lies may have sown the seed of open arrogance in him. Those lies may have rented a fool’s paradise for him. Because nothing justifies the pervasive evil and tyranny that now reign like a colossus in the State.


Aruviere Martin Egharhevwa, Esq.

(Executive Assistant to the Deputy President of the Senate)

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