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Oneya: Media expert urges UPU to nurture future Urhobo military, paramilitary chiefs

By Princess Atevure,
Media expert, Wilson Yafugborhi, has challenged the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) to stimulate interest in meaningful careers in the Nigerian Armed Forces among Urhoho younger generations to bridge a widening vacuum being created gradual retirement and passage of former military chiefs of Urhobo extraction.

Yafugborhi, a passionate Urhobo growth advocate said the charge to the UPU has become necessary following the shocking demise of another Urhobo former military top gun, Brigadier General Dominic Oneya.

He pondered that, “Jolly good, Gen Oneya’s filtered demise is another apt reminder on the Urhobo nation; how well are we nurturing replacements for these noble military sons and daughters we’re losing to death, inevitable?

Brigadier General Dominic Oneya

“Where are the budding serving Urhobos, in line, across the Armed Forces to replace Urhobos military heroes past – the Azizas, Obadas, David ‘Uhoho’ Ejoor.

“Urhobos with a better sense of history could help complete the list of those we have lost, before the rude shock of Oneya’s passage to join them now to the great beyond.

“To Olorogun Moses Taiga led UPU, here is a challenge, so imperative. Constitute a Search Committee to enumerate and reach out to all Urhobos top military officers, serving and retired. Do the same for those in the Police, Customs, Immigrations, FRSC, EFCC, DSS.

“Convene a crucial meeting with those the search party can find to constitute an Urhobo Military/Paramilitary Interests Building and Mentoring Committee to sustain steady placement and growth of young capable Urhobo sons and daughters into the Armed Forces.

The likes of Ejoor, Aziza, Obada remained the pride of the entire Urhobo nation till death. If we cherished them that much and collectively benefited from the recognition and influence as past military chiefs, there must be a deliberate effort to nurture Urhobo to take over them.

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“That is not happening at the moment. We do have vibrant Urhobos in the Armed Forces and paramilitary bodies, but numbers are not encouraging. We encourage more of them, even if it means offering special incentives to encourage more to build military careers.

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