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Masquerades behind killings in Evwreni exposed, agree to drop arms

HRM Oghenekevwe Kumane, Eruvwedede III

…There can’t be peace without justice – Unagha

The leader of the disbanded dreaded vigilante group fingered in the terrorism leading to killings, arson and wanton destruction of properties in the Evwreni Kingdom in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State, Mr Christopher Hitler (aka Adolf) have agreed to drop arms, following the directives by the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Force Headquarters in Abuja.

Hitler accepted to down arms after a former Delta State House of Assembly member, and Special Adviser to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, Barr Samuel Mariere, and the monarch of the Kingdom, HRH, Oghenekevwe Kumane, Eruvwedede III, two indigenes of the Kingdom accused of fostering crisis in the community, called a meeting of their supporters to brief them of the outcome of their meeting with the DIG. gathered that in meeting with the DIG at Abuja, the dramatics personal were confronted with the truth of the crimes they have committed and consequences thereof, for the first time, hence they chose the path of peace.

Multiple sources at the meeting who craved anonymity for fear of being attacked  said the vigilante chair was quoted to have said at the meeting that the dreaded group would drop their arms since their boss has directed them to drop the arms, who are they to challenge them.” Adding that “If your employer said your services are no longer required, can you challenge him,” he asked.

Recall that the Mariere and the monarch have been severally accused of arming and supporting the disbanded vigilante to unleashed terror on their perceived enemies leading to the death of four persons and properties worth over 500 million Naira destroyed in the wake of their reign of terror.

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“From the way he addressed the outfit, it was obvious that they (the Monarch and Mariere) were behind them all this while the crisis lasted,” the sources started.

They, however, added that the lawmaker and the monarch appealed to their supporters that they would make effort to reach out to others whose loved ones were killed and properties destroyed in a bid to pacify them and ensure that peace returns to the kingdom.

Meanwhile, reacting to the report of the said meeting as published in some online news platform, Marcus Uba, one of the victims of the crisis whose father’s house was burnt said the said meeting was a charade and window dressing exercise aimed at deceiving the public and the DIG on their true intentions.

According to him, their action has betrayed them again, when they said prominent persons attended the meeting, “who are the so-called prominent persons in the meeting,” he asked.

“The only people in that meeting were people who had supported them in their reign of terror. For instance, where is the Odion Esiri of the kingdom, Amrophe Obakohwo? Where is the Otota-Orode of Evwreni kingdom, Chief Felix Ayovwe and Chief Okpako Onoruese, the Akpohor of Evwreni kingdom?

Uba also pointed out that Mr Jabin Omoko –  the Olotu-Orode of Evwreni kingdom, and  Mrs Rebecca Igbeka, the Osu Ewheya of Evwreni kingdom, were conspicuously absent at the said meeting.

Others, he noted their absence was Chief Wilfred Utuedor, the Ophorevwe of Evwreni kingdom and Mr Bright Adjogbe – President General, Evwreni Clan Improvement Union.

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“The question to ask is if all these people are absent who then were the prominent persons they claimed to have attended the meeting?” He asked.

He started further that “from the outcome of the meeting, it was obvious that those behind the dreaded group are Mariere and the monarch, if not how would they just concur to drop arms after they both asked them to. These are the two people who claimed to be Innocent of the vigilante group and their terrorism act in Evwreni kingdom for more than two years now.

“Another question begging for answer is that since they claimed not to know the boys, why are they hiring lawyers for them and giving money to the families of those arrested?

“The truth is that this so-called meeting is to buy time and also lure unsuspecting victims who fled the community following the incessant attacks, for them to return to the community and be dealt with. If they wanted genuine peace, they would have reached out to others” he added.

Another source whose brother was gruesomely murdered in the criminal act, Olorogun (Barr) Mumakai Unagha pointed out that there is nobody fighting with Samuel Mariere and Oghenekevwe Kumane.

According to him, they are the people using the disbanded vigilante to attack people perceived to be their enemies for whatever reasons.

“So, it is not surprising that no notable sons and daughters of Evwreni kingdom attended the kangaroo meeting because nobody wants to associate with the both of them.

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Unagha, however, stated that the only way there can be peace is through justice, the foundation upon which true peace can be built. “Those who are involved directly and those who are financiers of the terror in Evwerni must be brought to justice. Even though my brother would not return to life, but at least, it will serve as a deterrent to others that you cannot kill someone and go scot-free.”

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