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Latest Trends: Understanding and mining of Cryptocurrencies


Crypto Exploit: Mining Dogecoin made easy. Mine equivalent of 500 US Dollars weekly


Dogecoin was invented as a crypto currency by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, on December 6, 2013. Both inventors are engineers. The duo agreed to invent instant payment system, free from the traditional banking fees.


The circulating supply of the coin is about 127 billion coins. As at March 2021, Dogecoin is valued around $0.056 per unit. Besides, it has been predicted that it may reach $1 towards the end of 2021. This prediction relied on the growing user base, popularity on the internet and worldwide adoption of the coin.

Now, how can you tap into this opportunity to enrich yourself in this 2021. You can simply achieve this by mining Dogecoin for free. It is very easy! These are the steps involved:

STEP 1: You need to set up the mining platform by clicking on the link ( it is at the bottom of the article). The link will take you to the play store and you can download the mining app.

STEP 2: After downloading the App, you will then, register with your valid email address.

STEP 3: On the page like that will appear, you have to click the ‘claim Doge’ button, every 10 minutes. Each time you click you get a fraction of dogecoin. Then you get 1 full dogecoin on each miner you refer. The more you refer and click, the more you earn.

In addition, looking at the top left corner on the platform, click on the three lines to assess your referral link. After opening it, click on ‘Invite & Earn’ to generate your referral link. To know when and how to withdraw, you can click ‘My Making’ on the platform, to learn more. Initially, one could withdraw from 3 dogecoin, but now you have to make up to 100 dogecoin before you can withdrawn. This is to ease traffic congestion on the block chain.

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You can withdraw into your crypto wallet. Go to google playstore and download wallet of your choice.

Payment Proof:
After setting up the wallet, you have to look for Dogecoin logo among the crypto logos in the wallet. Click on it to copy the wallet address. Then paste it on the provided space on the platform, for withdrawal.

You can now click on the link below to start, your own mining rig:

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