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Infant mortality, impediment to family planning – Medical Practitioner

Dr Ejike Oji, the Chairman, Technical Committee, Association for the Advancement of Family (AAFP) in Nigeria says infant mortality is a major impediment to acceptance of family planning by women.

Oji said this at a meeting with journalists on AAFP/HEWLETT Voices Planning in Abuja on Friday.

He said that that mothers tended to procreate more children out of fear of possible deaths of some and slim realities of survivors.

“Many women because of high mortality rate feel better having more children with fear that few are likely to survive.“They will think to make more children in a situation where they continue to experience child mortality, so they prefer to live by chance of having many so that few will be alive at last,” he said.

The medical practitioner, who blamed the development on poor health system, called for policy driven family planning services.

He said that there was need to strengthen the country’s health system to address the unmet maternal needs.

Oji urged massive advocacy by all, especially journalists to help the country move away from demographic crisis.

He said the only way to move the country to demographic transition was to have a total fertility rate of four per cent.

Oji described education as a major driver for family planning and economic stability, urging all to embrace education.

Dr Okai Aku of the Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN) affirmed a stronger collaboration with AAFP to engage journalists in the advancement of family planning.

Aku said that family planning could not be implemented without the direct engagement of journalists.

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He however urged journalists to always be aggressive in amplifying the benefits of family planning. (NAN)

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