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Heartbroken wife cries out, ‘I caught my husband in bed with my two sisters’

Heartbroken wife cries out, husband sleeping with her 2 sisters

A married woman has lamented over her husband’s infidelity as she shared details of how she caught him on different occasions cheating with her sisters.

According to the Ghanaian lady who shared her story with Oyerepa FM, the incidents of her husband known as Okesie, sleeping with her two sisters took place after their wedding.

However, his cheating ways did not start with her siblings as she had earlier caught him with another young girl.

Read her story:

“I just married my husband, Okesie. After a while of dating, he asked for my hand in marriage. I told my family everything, and they all agreed that I should marry Okosie. I discovered after our wedding that my hubby was doing some awful things behind my back.

“First, I caught him in our room with a very young girl. When I asked who she was, he told me the female was his ex-girlfriend. I became enraged, but when he apologized, I forgave him. After our wedding, my husband slept with my two sisters not long after. She slept with each of my sisters separately.

“To me, my first sister was like a best friend. On our matrimonial bed, I discovered my husband sleeping with her. I then proceeded to Kofofridua to inform my relatives. They followed me back home and confronted my husband furiously. We forgave him when he apologized again.

“When I became ill, I invited my second sister to come and stay with me for a while so she could assist me with housework. I informed her one day that I was heading to the market to buy some groceries.

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“When I arrived, I discovered my husband having an affair with my other sister. I became so enraged that I contacted the authorities because, according to my sister, my husband had forced her to do something she didn’t want to do“.

(The Nation)

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