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CGMi Okpe Prov Convention: Bishop Fianu charge Christians to discover their purpose, remain focus

 The Bishop of Church of God Mission (CGMi) New Warri Bishopric, Bishop Curtis Fianu, has charged Christians to remain focus on their work with Christ and stop running from one church to the other, adding that they should discover the church God planted them and remain there.

Bishop Fianu who is the Guest Speaker at the CGMi Okpe Provincial Headquarters, Sapele’s Convention which began on Wednesday with a theme: “Focus on Christ to Discover and fulfill your Purpose,” said God has a reason for creating everyone, however, when a purpose of a thing is not known, abuse becomes inevitable.

The Bishop who took his Bible texts from Jer 1:5; Psalm 90:12; Rom 8:19 and Psalm 139:13-16, therefore, tasked Christians to discover the path set out for them by God and follow it, rather than running in another’s man lane, because, “If you don’t know why you were created, you will run in someone else’s track and be disqualified.

“God is too busy to create you for no reason, God is a God of principles; principles are stronger than principalities”

“Walking in God’s plan for your life does not only guarantee a glorious end but brings peace, joy, and fulfillment”

“One reason people fight themselves is because they have identity crises, when you know who you are, nobody intimidates you.

“If you try to be like someone else, the best you can be is number 2 because that person is already number 1, and only one man can be on the stage at a time, however, no one remains on the stage forever.”

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Stating further that, “Success in what you do, is not the money you make but the joy you derive”

He noted that many Christians are not getting results in life because they are on the wrong path, stressing that unless you work according to God’s plan for your life, you can’t get results.

Bishop Fianu also urged parents not forced their children to do what they are not wired for, therefore allow your child to pursue that which he has discovered as his purpose in life because if you force him or her to do otherwise, in the end, the child will not be fulfilled in life.

He blames parents for their children not following them to church because of their lifestyle, “If your children refuse to go to church with you, check yourself.

“When you gossip about brethren in front of your children, you aren’t destroying those brethren but you are destroying your children’s faith,” hence they will not follow such parents to the Church.

The Head Pastor of the Church, Rev Sylvester Owvibe charged Sapele residents who missed out in the past two days to take the opportunity of the remaining two days, Friday and Saturday to attend as the Convention is loaded as many will testify of God’s greatness through the miracles of God at the Convention.


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