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Business woman, Idoko, narrates how Prophet Fufeyin saved her life, marriage

A Lagos based business woman, Mrs. Edna Idoko
A Lagos based business woman, Mrs. Edna Idoko


A Lagos based business woman, Mrs. Edna Idoko, has narrated how God used Delta State world famous cleric, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, to save her life and marriage eight years ago.


She stated how she was in a hotel room in Lagos, contemplating taking her life after going different places, looking for solutions to her problems without result when accidentally tuned in to Mercy TV, a word from the man of God changed the situation.


Mrs. Idoko, in a chat with to a team journalists stated that: “Eight years ago, my whole life was in a ‘disabled’ state. I was so depressed to the extent that I contemplated taking my life on two occasions. Life became very rough, without meaning.


“In my quest for solutions just like everyone would do, I visited countless places within and outside Nigeria and encountered different so-called solution centres. I can’t recall how much was left in my savings and current account, but it was very close to 15million naira.


“It was in one of those solution searching trips, I was lucky to stay in one hotel in Lagos, precisely in Ikorodu area and one of the free-to-air channels was airing Mercy TV. I initially flipped passed it, but there was a word I heard that brought me back to the channel. The Man of God said: “There is a lady watching me right now, you have been going to the wrong places, searching for solutions, please go back home. Salvation is free. He went further to say, this same woman had thought about taking her life too.

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“I looked around my room, wondering what could be going on. I ended up staying glued to the channel all night.


“The next day being Sunday, I embarked on a journey to Warri in Delta State, to locate Mercyland. I arrived very late that night, located the church and slept in the church premises. I already told myself, I will hang around the church till the next Sunday, if that’s what it would take to see the Man of God.


“Behold the next day evening (being Monday) I noticed the Man of God taking a walk round the church premises. I took my chance with my luggage on my shoulders…I shouted, Papa! I am the woman you spoke about, please pray for me. I was weeping the same time, because so many things were going through my head. I told the Prophet, as beautiful and elegant as everyone thinks of me, educationally endowed and at a time very rich, this is what I have become.


“He prayed with me on the spot and asked me if I would stay till the upcoming Sunday service. I shouted yes. He asked me if I have a place to stay, I said no. He then asked that I should be given shelter. I must confess, the five nights I slept at Mercyland, was the most peaceful I ever had for many years. I didn’t experience the nightmares I had before then.


“After the Sunday service, I couldn’t get a close contact with the Man of God as I thought, but I left with the message and declaration to the full congregation to go forth and conquer”.


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She continued: “I arrived Lagos and went straight to the apartment I shared with my husband, before he mysteriously left for 2 years. Interestingly, there was a message that my husband was around looking for me.


“Amazed and still in shock, I entered my apartment, went down on my knees and prayed. I used the water I was given at Mercyland and went into a very peaceful sleep, until a knock woke me up from my sleep. The first thing that came to my mind was my husband, but behold it wasn’t him. It was a letter from the largest cement producers in Nigeria, acknowledging and approving my warehouse at Igando for the distribution of cement. According to my neighbor, the letter came in, the day I left the house.


“In all, I want to return all the glory to God, for using his servant, Prophet Fufeyin to restore my life. I would have been history”.


On the defamation suit instituted by Augusta Olozulu against Prophet Fufeyin, Mrs. Idoko stated: “I have read some stories about a certain lady, Augusta Olozulu, from Rivers State in respect of certain issues about Prophet Fufeyin and I want to use this medium to ask her to seek God’s forgiveness. I know some persons reading this might be in this condition at the moment, but please don’t go seeking for gods, spending your millions, because the Almighty God is free. My husband and I have been praying endlessly for a branch of this great ministry (Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry) to be established close to us in Lagos, but until that happens, Lagos to Warri would be like our next door”.

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