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Buhari begs UK Police to intervene as Nigerian protesters lay 14-Day siege to Embassy

President Muhammadu Buhari and his aides have begged the UK police to intervene in the wake of another round of protests by Nigerians in the United Kingdom, calling on the London police to prevent protesters from gathering at the Trafalgar Square in London.

It was learnt that the protesters refused to leave the ground when the High Commissioner also came to persuade them; the protesters had now laid a 14-day siege to the embassy, asking Buhari to return to Nigeria and attend to health and security issues.

A video obtained shows the London policemen who chatted with the Nigerian protesters and were reportedly friendly.

Muhammadu Buhari

“Buhari again calls UK Police on #BuhariMustGo protesters laying siege on the Nigerian Embassy in London. But the protesters are adamant. The ambassador came and invited them to come inside they refused.

“They insisted that President Buhari must go as he had failed. He must leave office. They have laid siege on the embassy for 14 days – since Buhari left for the UK without handing over to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

“The UK police have been polite and friendly. The protest was led by Gbola Owoborode of #RevolutionNow in London,” a source revealed.

According to a video by SaharaReporters, some peaceful protesters who were demanding Buhari’s return to Nigeria had on Thursday evening been challenged by the British police.

Buhari is in London for medical treatment.

After attending the Global Education Summit on Financing Global Partnership for Education (GPE) 2021-2025, the Nigerian President stayed behind to see his doctors, even as resident doctors in his country have gone on strike.

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The police officers were seen speaking with the Nigerian protesters, seemingly persuading them to stop protesting there.

Also, more officers were seen arriving in police vans while a Nigerian woman was heard screaming without fear, the demands of the protesters which included the President returning to Nigeria and putting an end to the killings in the West African country.

A police officer had been heard saying, “The cameras are on. Someone was sticking out last night, you just got lucky,” and when he was asked if he upholds the law, he replied, “I am without fear or favour”.

One of the female protesters had said, “They are killing in our country, they are killing our people, Buhari is here with Boris Johnson and I am surprised that Prime Minister will condone such, condoning corruption and murder, it is terrible.

”They are killing in our country. Let him just go and resign, enough of the killings in Nigeria, where is that done and he has the audacity to come to this country for healthcare. He keeps embezzling our money and killing people, that’s our story. Muhammadu Buhari, the President of Nigeria is a terrorist and we will not back down, we are not violating the law, it is our civic right and we will exercise it.”

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