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Baba Ijesha did not sexually touch minor in CCTV footage, 2 others also sexually molested minor — Defense

Nollywood actor, Olanrewaju James, alias Baba Ijesha
As minor testifies against Baba Ijesha
The defense team of embattled Nollywood actor, Olanrewaju James, alias Baba Ijesha, said at an Ikeja Special Offences Court that the actor did not sexually touch a 14-year-old minor in a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage tendered as an exhibit.

A member of Baba Ijesha’s defense team, Mr. Dada Awosika (SAN), made the assertion on Tuesday while cross-examining actress and comedienne, Ms. Damilola Adekoya alias Princess, the foster mother of the minor.

Awosika said that the Defendant did not touch the minor sexually and the CCTV footage was scripted.

“You will observe that when you see the CCTV footage being streamed, that the Defendant did not at any time move his hand towards any sensitive part of your daughter’s body.

Mr. Dada Awosika (SAN)

“Nowhere did he touch her boobs, slip his hands into her private part or caress any other sensitive part,” Awosika said.

Responding, Princess said, “If you call her breasts, her laps, her ears, and her tongue not sensitive, then I do not agree with you.

“He sucked her ears, rubbed her laps, licked her whole body, sucked on her finger and he grabbed her boobs again.”

Awosika alleged that Princess had invited the Defendant to her home for a script conference.

He queried why there was no audio on the footage to reveal instructions Princess gave to her daughter and what she told Baba Ijesha.

“It was not a movie, my daughter was trying to record him on her phone and you can clearly see him trying to grab the phone from her.

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“I noticed him talking to her and I noticed her removing his shoes,” she said.

However, the defense counsel said as part of the script being played, the minor in the footage went to get some water for the Defendant to drink and that she comfortably sat beside him when she returned.

Meanwhile, the defense team has alleged that the underage daughter of actress alias Princess was sexually molested by two other persons. reports that the lead defense counsel, Mr. Babatunde Ogala (SAN), while cross-examining Princess, Ogala said that the 14-year-old minor was molested by Mr. Damola Adekola, Princess’s neighbor and Okele, Princess’s security guard. When asked who Adekola was, Princess described him as her neighbor who she also regarded as a brother. She said that they also ran a haulage business together.

Responding to why Adekola was arrested by the police in April, Princess said: “He was arrested because I reported him to the police that in December 2020 he attempted to sexually harass my daughter.

“He did not molest her, he harassed her he put his hand on her laps and told her to put her hands on his penis and she said no and when she refused, she screamed.

“I reported to the police when I found out. This happened in my house around 9.30p.m. I was at a meeting at Sabo, Yaba and my sister was with them and I needed her attention at Sabo.

“I asked them to go to bed and when it was 9.30p.m. I asked him (Adekola) to still check up on them to ensure they are not out watching cartoons after their bedtime.

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“She told me what happened on April 20 or 21 (after Baba Ijesha’s arrest). That was the only attempted molestation that happened in my house.

“The other one happened when I sent her to his (Adekola’s) house, he attempted to grab her, and she screamed and ran upstairs. This was around late December 2020, I also found out about it at the police station,” she said.

About Okele, the security guard, Princess said that he did not molest her daughter but that he exposed himself indecently to the child.

She said that the security guard also had a drinking habit and that she had fired him before the revelations that he had molested her daughter came to light.

However, the 14-year-old minor (name withheld), who was allegedly defiled by a Nollywood actor, testified against him on Tuesday before an Ikeja Special Offences Court. reports that earlier, the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) in Lagos informed the Court that the state would be presenting the minor as its second witness.

The DPP said that she would be invoking the provisions of the Child’s Rights Act and the Administration of Criminal Justice Law (ACJL) which protects the identity of minors in defilement cases.

Adeyemi said that she would be requesting that members of the press and public, leave the courtroom during the victim’s testimony.

Obliging the DPP’s request, Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo ordered members of the public and press out of the courtroom to protect the minor’s identity, leaving only lawyers and Court registrars. gathered that for more than one hour, the minor gave her testimony and was cross-examined by the defense.

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The case was later adjourned till Aug. 11 and 12 for a continuation of trial.


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