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Ogorugba –led PDP in Isoko North now rudderless, a vehicle for lies –Group

Deacon Godwin Ogorugba, Isoko North PDP Chairman

By Akpos Oghenetega,

Deacon Godwin Ogorugba, Isoko North PDP Chairman



Isoko Renaissance Group (IRP), has berated the leadership of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Isoko North local government area, saying that the party executive led by Deacon Godwin Ogorugba has remained rudderless, a vehicle for lies and falsehood since it came into office.

IRP in a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Comr. Aghogho Oletu while responding to a rejoinder issued by Mr Francis Okpobrisi, the party’s Publicity Secretary in Isoko North local government on behalf of the PDP, said no group deserves the type of PDP leadership Isoko North, “not even the gathering of the demented.”

The statements read: “We read a rejoinder to our call for equity, fairness and justice in Isoko North, shabbily put together by one Francis Okpobrisi, the party’s Publicity Secretary in Isoko north local government on behalf of the PDP. Truly, the piece is meritoriously undeserving of a response from any sane mind who can easily see through the janjaweed strings of words. We shall, however, try to make meaning of it and respond appropriately for posterity and public sake.

It’s a known fact that the PDP in Isoko north has remained rudderless and a vehicle for lies and falsehood since the reign of the current leadership led by Deacon Godwin Ogorugba. Sincerely, no one or group deserves such leadership, not even the gathering of the demented.

This, of course, is not unexpected, as the assembly of mediocres and low minds is the delight of the “respected” leaders you mentioned in your worthless piece.


“Since you have rightly quoted section 7 (2) (c) of the PDP Constitution which states that, “in pursuant of the principles of equity, justice and fairness the party shall adhere to the policy of rotation and zoning of the party and public elective offices and it shall be enforced by the appropriate executive committee at all levels”, we charge you to take notice of the phrase “…ROTATION AND ZONING…”, which you either deliberately or ignorantly omitted

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It’s a pure act of wizardry to mislead the public into believing that the party has adhered to this aspect of the constitution, whereas, since 2003, just as the House of Representative seat has been in Ozoro, the House of Assembly seat has remained in Owhe clan in the person of Hon. Tim Owhefere, whose leadership remains impotent and lame, despite several attempts to heal him, like the biblical Apostle Paul did to the man at the gate called Beautiful in Lystria.


Maybe it’s an act of total adherence to the constitution, in your opinion, that the party’s chairmanship position has remained in Owhe clan since 1999.


A simple pass in comprehension would have enabled you and your executive to understand that our call is not restricted to Iyede clan but a statement of the obvious that it is the turn of constituency 2 to produce the council chairman.

Also, we are amazed that you and your leaders who are only respected among the comity of the ungodly and unreasonable are yet to see the handwriting on the wall that the people have rejected their gimmicks and have an avowed commitment to resisting vehemently their plot this time.


The group, therefore, renewed their call to Dr Ifeanyi Okowa to thrash, “without hesitation, the idea or ploy sold to him by these agents of disaffection and disunity to choose the party’s chairmanship candidate from anywhere near constituency 1 which have produced the council chairman in an overwhelming majority of times in the local government.”

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