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NIGERIAN POLITICIANS: Promoting a Gut-Wrenching, Direful Game

Dr Wilson Ozuem
Dr Wilson Ozuem



Apart from Shina Adeshina, Garba Shehu and the other seeming troglodytes who support Buhari and the APC chieftains lording is, you did not have to be a rhabdomancer or augur, to predict the protests which the #EndSARS symbolizes. Except a person is living in seclusion, unacquainted with affairs of the world or an ANIMAL living underground, they would have seen it coming all-day-long!


They scuff at you when you point out the listless performance of Buhari. They are ready with their recurrent refrain of ‘16 years,’ or $16 billion’ or ‘Deziani Madueke’ or ‘railway’ or ‘Niger Bridge’ or whatever other stupid things it is they have got stuffed in their empty head.


Buhari and his henchmen run the country like emperors; their children use Presidential jets as taxis, they order ultimately gleaming luxury fleets of cars to service their egos, they approve all sorts but huge amounts of money which ended up in their own pockets, they tell you ‘15 million Nigerians love and voted Buhari – so no ‘mother-fucker’ had the right to complain about anything… they mock you!


Look, no one denied the fact Nigeria has been on the downward slide for a while back. But if Nigeria had been gliding particularly from Jonathan tenure, it is actually, falling like boulders down a steep v-slope under Buhari. Every thief stole as much as they want without repercussions, killers kill and go, kidnappers’ business could be said to be registered with the CAC! Above all this, the Vice President just carried bags of raw cash around markets to distribute in the name of ‘TraderMoni’ without accountability! The government is nothing but a wicked, weird comical ensemble!

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Everyone must grovel in servitude to Buhari – so much so that it remained for you to first obtain permission from him or his office to have sex with your wife!


The hunger, joblessness of youths, the desperation, the utter lack of basic amenities – including electricity, roads, water and medical facilities is none of their business. Only recurrent expenditure and looting of it is.


It was only a matter of time… 


Politics in Nigeria is a revolving door… Governors become senators and Senators become Governors; then when they fail to get elected as election further they get Ministerial jobs – gutting our treasury through huge pensions and allowances worth billions of Naira every year while 10,500 or so professors are paid a pittance of about 4.5 billion annually.


Now, for those who have grown accustomed to calling reasonable Nigerians ‘wailers,’ who speak against the dire or despicably dire system, how can they explain the worldwide disavowal and utter disapproval going on of their master’s government? How can millions across the world be wrong and they, right?!


One thing is now for sure; if the APC is planning, as usual, to rig their members in to continue running the country after Buhari, then they must think again. The youths are so ready now to refuse to be used as their thugs; they want to see Nigeria work again. If feelers I get are correct, the youths and their movements want to coalesce into a block with a view of having their own registered political party. The organized youths are working to convince the less informed and therefore, malleable or easy-to-be-bought ones to come on board for the onerous task.

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Finally, we can thank Buhari, for one thing; it has taken his misnomer to arrange the brains of millions of Nigerians. Every political zone now wants the Constitution looked at with a view to reforming the union or federation. If that is nothing to thank him for then tell me what is!

Wilson Akpomedae Ozuem

London, UK


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