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Crisis looms over Udumoto-Ekpan election, leaders appeal to monarch to steps in

HRM Emmanuel Sideso, Abe1, the Ovie of Uvwie Kingdom,


HRM Emmanuel Sideso, Abe1, the Ovie of Uvwie Kingdom,


The people of Udumoto quarter in Ekpan, Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State have appealed to HRM Emmanuel Sideso, Abe1, the Ovie of Uvwie Kingdom to cancel to outcome of  Udumoto quarter’s election, noting that if urgent steps are not taken, it could lead to another crisis in Ekpan. 


The people in a petition signed by  Mr Joseph Ekwesa, Joseph Ikuku, Victor Ujara, Alex  Efevwobane Adjenughure and Mrs Patricia Osoro dated 21, November, 2020  described the election as a “Charade.”


They also stated that since the purported Udumoto quarter election was allegedly supervise and midwife by both Chief Peter Iffie, the Unuevworo Etchie Ekpan and Mr Stephen Akemu, Chairman, Ekpan Development Committee, EDC who are both by statutory and tradition supposed to be neutral, such election cannot be adjudge as free and fair one.

According to the Petition titled: “A CALL FOR The CANCELLATION OF THE UDUMOTO QUARTER CHAIRMANSHIP ELECTION” signed by Mr Joseph Ekwesa, Joseph Ikuku, Victor Ujara, Alex  Efevwobane Adjenughure and Mrs Patricia Osoro dated 21, November,2020, who signed the on behalf of themselves and the people of Udumoto quarter of Ekpan called on the Ovie of Uvwie Kingdom to cancel the election on six grounds.
They also accused the Unuevworo  of falling down an old man of over 80 years Papa Ovie Aboloje, when the Unuevworo wanted to slap Mr  Joseph Ekwesa all in a bid to secure victory for Mr Gift Jegbamu  who he been backing right from day one.
They said supporters of Mr Victor Ujara whose father was a former Okpako Re Evo Ekpan were not only prevented from voting, but rather, the committee called in outsiders who are not from Udumoto who also fall below the agreed voting age of 18 and above the 40 years were allowed to vote while the supporters of Mr Ujara were disenfranchised.”
They also alleged that the Unuevworo unilaterally brought in soldiers which were supervised by the EDC Chairman as against some of the decisions reached at the meeting held 20 November 2020 prior to the election.
They stated further that though they believe in the peace progress and development of Uvwie, such peace must come with justice.
While calling on the Ovie of Uvwie for the “outright cancellation of the charade since a lot of eligible voters were prevented from voting,” to ensure that justice is done.
They also want him to  stop those parading themselves as winners of the election which they described as “Charade”  from doing so, in order to avoid another round of violence in Ekpan.
They urged the Uvwie monarch to call the Unuevworo to order and also order a fresh election without his input but with the inclusion of the Ighwuvwie of Udumoto quarter, 3 persons each from Zone A,B, C, and 2 persons from Uvwie.
As at the time of filling this report, the  EDC Chairman Mr Stephen Akemu is allegedly going about boasting and harassing people who are close to Mr Ekwesa and allegedly threatens to deal with them if they continue to oppose the outcome of the election.
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