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Allow Healthy People To Work – Ayade Asks FG To Discontinue Total Lockdown


Cross River State Governor Benedict Ayade has called on the Federal Government to allow healthy Nigerians work and move freely noting that it is unnecessary to imitate Western approach in tackling spread of COVID-19 while the economy suffers.

The governor said this on Wednesday at the Rice seeds and seedlings factory in Calabar, the Cross River State Capital while deploying agricultural equipment to some parts the state for commencement of another farming season.

Ayade said Nigeria’s demography is different from Europe’s hence shutting down our economy is uncalled for. He added that the Federal Government should rather lock down sick and vunerable people only.

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“This is the opportunity for Africa to play catch-up instead of adopting what they are doing in Europe. It can never be the same in our circumstance. Our demography is not the same.

“We don’t have the same number of aged people that they have, we have young people whose immune system are strong. So, for the virus to takedown somebody in Africa, it has to be really prepared.

“That is why I insist, just wear your nose mask. Loosen up the country. Those who have confirmed cases, those who fall within the suspicious line are the ones to be lockdown for the healthy to work,” Ayade said.

The governor added that the Federal Government should allow airlines to commence operation and enforce the use of facemask for protection.

“Let the airlines start working. Insist that nobody get into any plane to fly within Nigeria without putting on a nose mask. We don’t need to shutdown our economy. Protection is good with the nosemask,” he added.

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Ayade stressed that it is counterproductive for an healthy person to be on lockdown.

He urged the Federal Government to rather improve its productivity and allow young and vibrant citizens go about their businesses freely.

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