Allegation of sales of waterways in Amukpe is baseless -Hon Pemu

By Esada Uyono,

The Chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party, (PDP), Sapele, Delta State  Hon Festus Pemu has debunks allegations against him by a facebook news portal that recently accusing him of allegdly selling water ways lands situated in the Amukpe axis of the town, thereby resulting in flooding of the area as baseless and a calculated attempt to tarnish his image.

Hon Pemu, while was reacting to the report at his office along Igbeku road said,”Yes, I sell land but I don’t sell water ways. Infact I am looking for a way to solve that problem. I don’t know the Amukpe they are talking about because my residence is at Amukpe, the Council Chairman Chief Eugene Inoaghan lives at Amukpe, Hon Austin Ayemidejor also lives there, Okirigwre, part of Shell road and some villages around are all in Amukpe, does that mean that I sold all those lands,” he queried.

The founder of Pemu Crusaders, a political pressure group with over 1,000 members also challenged the brain behind the news portal to show him the area and the people he sold land to, insisting what was posted on facebook paid job to stall his political profile.

He however dropped a poser to the story originator “The flood problem is not just in my area but from Okpe grammar school down to community road and other places, am I the one that sold those places? That’s the question I want to ask them. At the back of the local government council chairman house far behind his house that is deeply flooded to the extent that many people are leaving their homes, am I the one that sold those places? Opposite my residence at the Catholic Church down to glory land group of school, am I the one that sold those places?

He concluded by saying that the paid Facebook person’s and their sponsors are out to deceive the public, that if his residence and that of his father is blocking the water, it should be destroyed or they should come to meet him to proffer a lasting solution to the flooding situations in the area.

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