Ministerial Appointment: BNC task Buhari/Oshiomhole on politically savvy nominee

A socio-cultural organisation, the Benin National Congress, BNC, has tasked President Mohammadu Buhari and the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, to resist the temptation of fielding or appointing a political weakling as Minister from Edo State.

This was made known in a statement signed by the Chief Mobilization Officer of the organisation Comrade Amadin Idaeho in Benin, Edo State and made available to ADVOCATE.

According to the statement which reads in part; the group said: “We won’t pray for the replications of the last experiences were our people could hardly benefit from a vocal voice due largely to crass complacency of our representatives.

“We want to specially appeal that our huge natural resources and strategic political position as the only APC State in the South – South region of Nigeria should not be taken for granted, hence this noble appeal for a political savvy ministerial nominee.

“We are tired of Ministers who are incapable of critical mobilization of our people for civic national programs, this account significantly for the disorientation of our youths which often reflect in the notoriety of desperate land border migration of our Edo youths to Europe for greener pastures.

“Some of our past ministers lacked empathy for aggressive youth development through skills acquisition, scholarship and gainful employment. Some are not known beyond the four corners of their immediate residence, so, their crass unpopularity hampered the general acceptability of the ruling party. Such sorry political episodes should not be reinvented, hence our noteworthy appeal.”

The organisation said the President should consider handing Edo State two ministerial slots in addition to the Managing Directorship of the Niger Delta Development Commission as Edo is the only State yet to be so honored in the rotation circle amongst the oil producing States.

The statement maintained that their indisposition to resort to threat of hostilities in the advancement of this (NDDC Directorship) agitation like some groups have been doing should not be mistaken as an act of cowardice, but a resolve to uphold the virtues of peace, tolerance and hospitality, believing that these values are eminently deserving of reward even now that the nation is in dire need of peace and tranquility.

“We sincerely appreciate Comrade Adams Oshiomhole style leadership of the All Progressives Congress, especially the party’s radical departure of tolerance of crass indiscipline by senior party leaders across the States of Nigeria who use to Lord over their State chapter executives. Even the blind can attest to this modest remodeling of the party, even as we pray for more grace for Adams Oshiomhole and President Buhari to succeed. As a social cultural and non-partisan political group, we owe our nation complimentary interventions and sacrifices to keep it afloat and the pursuit of great goals.”

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