Delta 2019: Urhobo youths preach equity, endorses Okowa for 2nd term

…Says they will not to be used as cannon fodder to foment trouble


By Ovasa Ogaga,

An amalgamation of youth groups across party lines within the Delta Central Senatorial District that styles itself as Delta Central Equity Group (DCEG) has promised to mobiles Urhobo youths to vote and support the re-election of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa for second term in office to ensure that for the sake of equity and justice in the politics of Delta State.

The Convener of the Delta Central Equity Group (DCEG), Hon Morris Idiovwa, addressing journalist after the event held at Ughelli, Delta State.

The group which is wholly dedicated to the principles of equity and justice within the governing framework/structure of Delta state, stated this during its inauguration at Ughelli, Tuesday, noted that they will resist any attempt by politicians to turn Urhoboland into a theatre of war in the coming election.

In a communiqué issued and signed by the Convener of the Delta Central Equity Group (DCEG), Hon Morris Idiovwa, and Comr. Festus Otesiri Igherebuo, Urhobo Youths President, the group restated its commitment a peaceful elections in Delta central come 2019.

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The communiqué read in part: “That every son and daughter of Delta Central Senatorial District must reject every attempt by political desperadoes to manipulate them to achieve selfish political ends.

“That the security forces must be neutral and perceived to be so during the course of these coming elections.

“That we, the youths of Delta Central, wholeheartedly reject any and every attempt by narrow-minded and wicked ethnic irredentists to sow chaos within our district to achieve their evil political goals.

“That we the youths of Delta Central stand firm on the side of justice and equity and shall continue to work towards these noble goals in the governing political framework in Delta State.

“That we the youths of Delta Central, under the banner of Delta Central Equity Group (DCEG), will fiercely resist any and every attempt by foreign based political merchants to turn our district into a theater of war to achieve their evil agenda.

“That we will not accept any form of political gang-up and narrow ethnic supremacist calculations, devoid of justice and equity in the governing framework of Delta state.

The group added that they shall work with the twin attributes of Justice and Equity in espousing their vision for a united and equitable governing framework in Delta state.

The further called on, “every political actor or group plotting to destabilize Delta Central for whatever narrow political calculation to bury such thoughts forthwith as we will not tolerate any attempt to do otherwise.

“Also, we want to state our readiness and resolve to work with all security agencies and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to ensure a peaceful conduct of the elections in the Delta Central area and to ensure that no single voter, duly registered, is disenfranchised by any means during the elections.”

Earlier, in his welcome address, the Convener of (DCEG), Hon Morris Idiovwa, said, “We, the Urhobo people, are a giant of a nation, but we have allowed our strength to slumber for too long. As a people, we have what it takes to dominate our space, but because of some impediments, we have not taken the full advantage of our strength.

He stated further that they are birthing a new movement that is finally putting an end to all forms of lethargy: “from here on we shall mobilise and awaken all Urhobo sons and daughters to the consciousness of our strength as a people and the need to demand that things are done rightly and in the interest of all.

“Here today we are inaugurating the Delta Central Equity Group (DCEG), which primary objective is to reposition the Urhobo agenda in the Delta political space and in doing that we shall be mobilising ourselves to work with all other groups, which are co-stakeholders in the larger ‘Project Delta’. In pursuing the main objective of securing for the Urhobo nation what is due to her, we shall go out to equity with both clean hands and clear conscience. We shall not allow any group or any ethnic nation to ride Urhobo rough shod, but we shall also not be a bully to others.

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“As we are aware, our great state is multi-ethnic and has functioned on a tripartite senatorial political arrangement: the power-sharing arrangement set out from the dawn of the current democratic experience with us, the Urhobo, taking the first shot at leadership. 1999 to 2007 Chief James Ibori, an Urhobo son took turn for two consecutive four-year terms. 2007 to 2015, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan, an Itsekiri son, took the turn of Delta South Senatorial District and led for two consecutive four-year terms, uninterrupted. Currently we are in the era of the third senatorial district, Delta North, and Dr (Senator) Ifeanyi Okowa, an Ika son from the Northern Senatorial District, is running it, still in the first term.

“As one of the undying maxims of equity says, “One who seeks equity must do equity”. Being guided by this and having it at the back of our mind that one good turn deserves another, DCEG will be mobilising Urhobo to ensure that what is due to Delta North is fully delivered to them, as an equal co-stakeholder in the ‘Project Delta’. We shall be achieving this by ensuring that the coming elections, especially governorship and state House of Assembly elections are peaceful and violence-free in Delta Central.

“We will not allow ourselves to be used as cannon fodder to foment trouble. Delta Central must be peaceful before, during and after 2019 election. The least way the Urhobo and the rest of Delta state can give their Delta North brothers an adequate sense of belonging and solidarity is to ensure that the order of rotational arrangement, as regards who leads the state, is not broken, which translates to the governor from that part of the state, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, be allowed to complete the two terms due his region. That will be equity that will be justice.

He added also, “we have a message for these set of merchants of violence: DCEG will not allow you have your way this time around. We have Urhoboland covered and your plans to turn our homeland to a theatre of war will boomerang in your face. On this note, we are calling on all peace-loving and development-oriented Urhobo man and woman, young and old and from all backgrounds, to be ready to join this movement that is targeted at giving our ethnic nation back its place as first among equals.

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