Destruction of Chukwumah Ugbomah’s Bill Boards And The Limit of Rascality

By Unue Emeka,


It is no longer news that from the very day renowned construction magnate, industrialist and philanthropist, Engr.  Chukwumah Phillip Ugbomah,  popularly known as CPU, signified interest to represent the good people of Ndokwa East Constituency  in the Delta State House of Assembly, come next year,   a lot of sit-tight leaders who fear the looming demystification of their overrated political clout, has been totally unhappy. Indeed, their fears could be said to be logically understandable, but that they have reduced themselves to an astonishing level of low to the extent of pulling down the publicity materials of a man who has never directly or by any proxy thrown a single stone at them, is one form of madness that will never be tolerated. 


Engr. Chukwumah, about a week ago in a widely publicised interview, lamented the heartless vandalism of his billboard in Ossisa, along the Ughelli-Asaba expressway. While stating clearly that this was the third time he is replacing that particular bill board measuring about 10ft to 12ft, Chukwumah however bemoaned such infantile hostility to a fellow party man.


Now to the issue proper; why would any politician who is confident of himself be scared of static publicity materials that are merely announcing the intent of a co-aspirant?  Isn’t this a clear indication that some spent forces in the constituency has realised that their time is up?  Even if they succeed in pulling down all Chukwumah Ugbomah’s publicity materials across the constituency, will they as well erase the picture of his messianic interventions in several aspects of our community development in time past from the hearts of genuine patriots who are determined to effect the much-needed change?  Will they also delete from our consciousness our desire to change a system that is notorious for doling out crumbs to the pauperized population once in every four years in exchange for our votes?  Will they also cause us to forget so soon the good deeds of Chukwumah Ugbomah over the years through his CPU Foundation?  The answer is a resounding “no”


Let it be known that the bill boards are mere appendages of the struggle. Our propelling force is the need to reinvent the shared history of our dear constituency. This inkling is conceived in our hearts and glued in eternity with our souls. The Chukwumah Ugbomah movement is a revolutionary idea that is borne out of a genuine desire for eventual banishment of mediocrity from our top echelon of leadership.  This is indeed our solemn declaration which can never be toppled by the armies or clandestine machinations of our slave masters.


Make no mistake, people; no true born of Ndokwa East can be adjudged a coward.  Cowardice is one trait that is alien to the DNA of the Aboh man.  Let those beating the drum of lawlessness understand that no one enjoy a monopoly of such primitive madness.  While we put our hope in God almighty, let no one push a gentle lion into a duel of might.


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