Your claims of projects in Ewu axis as published are fictitious, AGGN tells Tebite …condemns newspaper attack on group


By Godwin Utuedoye,

Agitators for Good Governance of Nigeria AGGN, Ughelli South Chapter Ewu branch, a political pressure group has said projects listed by former house of assembly member, Hon. Taleb Tebite in a his declaration programme brochure are not only false but fictitious and not visible. 
They also frowned at a recent newspaper publications signed by some sycophants and selfish leaders from Ughelli South condemning the group, noting that they are irrelevant to the growth and development of the local government.
They said their aim and ambition is to frustrate the group vision and dream equity, transparency, truthfulness, fairness and justice and to suppressed grassroot development in Ewu and the local government.
Reacting to the publications of Vanguard Newspaper of July 2, 2018 during the group meeting held Sunday, July 15, 2019 at Ewu in Ughelli South Local Government Area,  the Coordinator of the group, Sir, Hon. Joseph O. Uhawha blame those who are always economical with the truth due to their selfish ambition of depriving others from benefitting anything in the local government.
Stressing the importance and position of Ewu axis vote in every election in the local government, Hon. Uhawha averred that Ewu is a major factor in deciding election winner in the local government. He adds that, the voting strength of Ughelli South Local Government being estimated at 97,000, only Ewu axis, comprising Ewu, Arhavwanrian and Okparabe produces over 31,000 but lamented the abandonement of the area and question why proper attention is not given to the Ewu axis politically.
Agitators for Good Governance while commending Governor Okowa administration, the group through the coordinator affirmed that the Okowa administration has brought leverages to the state in terms of infrastructural development. They thanked the governor for all the appointments given to sons and daughters from the local government but lamented that Ewu axis has not being really given much and that no meaningful project has being executed in the area.
Recounting the enormous projects embarked upon by the Okowa SMART agenda as published in page 31 of the third edition of the SMART diary, the group applauded the governor and expressed their appreciation to the governor but regretted that none of these projects were sited in the zones.
On the forthcoming general election, the group affirmed their earlier stand in supporting the Jeremi axis in producing candidate for the House of Assembly seat in the constituency. “There is no way we can support Hon. Taleb Tebite from Olomu axis, they noted.”
They said having enjoyed the support of Jeremi in the past, and abiding by the zoning arrangement, and having after queueing behind Olomu axis in producing a representative for eight years, AGGN will not relent in supporting Jeremi axis to ensure justice, fairness and equity.
In their statement, they maintained that; ” The group shall not close its mouth in giving appraisal or rebuking what is good or bad.” They vow to evaluate all political leaders and aspirants by their previous performances and antecedents before giving a nod.
Speaking further, the group stated that gone are the days some few leaders will use the name of the entire Ewu people to make claims and hijacked dividends coming to the axis. They said; any leader or aspiring aspirants must come before the people and tell them what he or she will do and duly signed an agreement with them before voting for him or her.
The group further called on sycophants and betrayals in local government to desists from such act, stating that it is most obvious that the people are more enlightened and now clamour for fair and equitable representation.
Meanwhile, Hon. Uhawha has called on all party delegates to vote wisely during the party primary.
The AGGN meeting was well attended by representatives from all the Ewu axis including Hon. Joseph Uhawha, Jefferson Avwenayerin, Oteri Ogboguren, Comrade Solomon Ekokotu, Mr. Joseph Okenabirhie and many others.

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