Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, Invisible Political Rattle Snakes and 2019 Delta North Senatorial Race

You Don’t Change A Winning Team; Nwaoboshi – Go Again!


By Fred Latimore Esq

The game of politics can be multifaceted in terms of struggle for power and retaining power temporarily or consistently.  Don’t be deceived, a man’s ordeal can’t be for nothing, visible or invisible forces may be responsible. 

Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaobosni (right) with the PEN EAGLE, Dr (Barrister) Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe at the country home of the Peoples Senator in Asaba, Delta State.

Our prayers everyday should be; “Lord save me or protect me from unfriendly friends, wicked and powerful invisible forces.”

When your best friend is responsible for your predicaments it takes the grace and mercies of God to free you from strongholds of that magnitude laced with high level pretense and deceit.

With the advent of the social media, politicians have become more vulnerable and there is no more hiding place for unscrupulous folks who in time past defrauded government, individuals alike and strolled away without challenge forever. It’s a new day.


I have consistently re-echoed the need for full time or professional politicians especially those seeking elective offices to have strong and strategic media team capable of balancing issues and proactive enough to counter propaganda cooked by political detractors and “paid writers.”

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It was a renowned Journalist and Public Relations expert, Walter Lippman (1922) who said; “We create reality based on what the media tells us.”


Lippman’s conceptualisation of “Publics” of Public Relations vividly paints a picture of what proactive media and Press Relations entails in our world. He says media shapes minds and creates either positive or negative opinions and determines perceptions of what people think, believe or say.


It follows that professional politicians must put in place critical media team with dual responsibility. “Team A” for public relations and conventional press relations and “Team B” for what I call counter media insurgency and or propaganda strategic group. This team can also be called the media and cyberspace Airforce.


If there is another important team that a professional politician must have is a “dogged social media group.” Don’t be deceived, if any man or women tells you that you should not respond to certain blackmail because the promoter is inconsequential, I beg you to ignore the advise for the following reasons; social media is on the world wide web (www) which implies that a mere post on an individual’s Facebook wall can be read and shared to a global mass and heterogeneous audiences.


If we apply Lippman’s theory, you find that because the media shapes opinions and creates picture of the world in our mind, what someone has read in far away United States of America on social media can be taken to be the truth if there is no superior argument via the media to debunk what was earlier published.


It is therefore unacceptable when one is accused of unscrupulous transactions and then you sweep it under the carpet without dealing with it squarely. Once an issue is frequently mentioned in the media and no convincing rebuttal is published, it is taken to be the truth because the media shapes opinions and creates positive and negative picture of the world in our minds.


It is therefore a truism that Senator Peter Nwaobosni, a legal icon and Senator representing Delta North Senatorial District has been on the devil’s register over certain allegations which the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission  (EFCC) investigated and same has been charged to Court.


The media-mix launched on Nwaoboshi by his invisible enemies finally got public attention. The extensive media mention on the Senator has been very consistent and strategic; something that a vague mind cannot capture viewed against Lippman’s generalization of the media influence on people and society.


It appears that some invisible hands in high places are working against Nwaoboshi for reasons I cannot tell. I remember vividly while still in APC, that I took part in some of the media-mix on the Senator especially the issues surrounding a property allegedly bought far below market price from Delta State Government.


At the time, I acted on certain facts provided without legal documentation as proof. The transaction is now before the court and it is hoped justice shall be served on parties.


The fact in issue pending in Court relates to why a property valued over a billion Naira was sold to the Senator for a paltry sum of N800 million or less. He was also accused of supplying refurbished construction equipment in place of new ones and in the process breached part or whole of the contractual obligations owed the state government, among others


In Law of Contract, certain principles are observed to make a contract valid. They are; Offer and Acceptance, Furnishing of Consideration and Intention to create Legal Relationship. From findings, these vital components of a valid contract was adhered to between the state government and Nwaoboshi’s company.


On the issue of supply of either substandard or refurbished equipment instead of new ones; it is the law that the equipment supplied must be checked or verified by authorised government officials and if found to be substandard, the items are rejected and the contractor is either made to refund the contract sum deposit paid or supply the required or specified quality and quantity stated in the contract documents.

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The equipment was checked under due diligence and was subsequently certified by government agents as the true specification contained in the executed legal contract documents  entered into by the parties.


The equipment arrived, certified to be exact quantity and quality contained in the contract documents. The equipment were subsequently received, installed and used by Delta State Government. It is hoped that the decision of the Court shall address certain principles of the law of Contract, among others.


It is my candid legal opinion that those who approved the quality and quantity of the equipment supplied to Delta State Government, for whatever reasons, have case to answer.


Nwaoboshi and his company have a good case and may succeed. The twist is that the case is between Nwaoboshi and the EFCC based on the petition filed by one anti-corruption Non-Governmental Organisation. We keep our fingers crossed and watch the outcome of the legal tussle.


In Law of Contract, the issue of Consideration (money or any other form of it) has been dealt with in several decided cases to the effect  that once parties agree to exchange say a N50 million Wrist Watch for a prowling mansion worth N800,000 million; the parties are bound by it. This is the nucleus of “offer, acceptance and consideration” in contractual obligations.


There are decided cases recognising the validity of consideration (money or any form of it) no matter how small it may be; provided that the contract is not between a minor and adult or that one of the parties was mentally incapacitated at the time of negotiation and execution. Minors are answerable in law on contracts of necessities like food and education contractual obligations.


In the instant case, Nwaoboshi ordeal may not be unconnected with political victimization sponsored by powerful invisible forces in the partisan milieu. Come to think of it, why single out Nwaoboshi and not a catalogue of others who are walking free and enjoying their loots.


The man bought a property and you say it was undervalued. Who undervalued the property? Did the state government received and spent the money paid by the lawful buyer? I am pretty sure that the court shall do justice to this matter and parties in the ongoing legal battle.


We are aware that there are other government dealings wherein contractors full contract sum were paid upfront in the past (not this administration) by the state government without performance by contractors. In some instances not a micro-tape recorder was supplied in contracts relating to supply and installation of broadcast and printing equipment. These contract sums run into billions of Naira.


It’s on record that Senator Nwaoboshi is a pioneer member of PDP, a former Chairman of the party in Delta State and a dogged politician with huge supporters’ base across the state. 


The senator is also known for his detribalized political intercourse with party faithfuls and had in time past supported party men and women within the PDP family to actualize their political ambitions.


It is only fair that the party bigwigs must stand-by him at this difficult time of political persecution through multifaceted planned strategies by powerful invisible forces. Nwaoboshi must not be demonized, separated for persecution on the face of contractual obligations backed by valid legal documentations duly stamped, sealed and delivered.


What is the offence committed by a buyer who bought by G-Wagon for a paltry sum of N10 million instead of the market price of N60 million. Once offer is accepted and consideration furnished based on mutually agreed terms, the rest is history.


In 2015, Senator Nwaoboshi and other candidates of PDP went into election and won convincingly to the dismay of their opponents in other parties. This collective victory is key in strategizing for 2019 general elections. Nwaoboshi must never be roasted on partisan flaming fire simply because a certain political party wants their candidate to emerge as Delta North Senator at all cost. Don’t make mockery of our hard earned democracy.


The game of politics is not like boardroom politics; one is a deep blue sea (party politics) and the other a swimming pool (boardroom politics). Politics comes with several intrigues, unavoidable deceits, alignment and realignment, and in all of these a winning team must never be disbanded or reshuffled for no just cause. Winners know their collective strategies and they must stay together to do it again in 2019.


It is on this note that I urge the detractors of Senator Nwaoboshi to soft pedal because the handwriting on the wall in Delta North suggests that 2019 has Nwaoboshi’s name as the distinguished Senator representing the good people of Delta North Senatorial District.


It doesn’t matter if Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe is recommended for sack by those who have become the moral compass of government and society. I strongly believe that what will be, will be and what cannot be, cannot be. In God I trust, not Man!


On this note, I join admirers and supporters of Senator Nwaoboshi in Delta State and Delta North Senatorial District to say Bravo; you are in good standing Sir.







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