It has come to the notice of the Deputy Chief Whip/Member representing Eket State constituency, about distorted facts being represented as to what transpired in the stakeholders meeting at the Akwa Ibom State Governor’s lodge, which was hosted by the Governor, Mr.Udom Emmanuel.

It is false to have said that stakeholders revolted against the decision of the incumbent lawmaker,David Lawrence to seek re-election.

David Lawrence administration between 2015 and 2018 has been most rewarding, and its testimonies abound from thousands of Ekid people.
It is also erroneous,as captured in the report, that the Governor had condemned the strategy used by the House Member, in going about his reelection.

For the records, every Aspirant who is eligible for any office, has a right to adopt strategies which seems favorable to him. The report of the writer is malicious, filled with hate, representing certain interests.

David Lawrence to the best of his ability, has exhibited legislative prowess, and at no point was he accused of poor legislation. Administratively, it is expected that, not everyone will be pleased with every administrations. People who hold divergent views on the administration of David Lawrence as House Member, are entitled to their views.

Clearly, David Lawrence has never colluded with any Chinese firm to buy over Eket, as this remains a fiction of the writer’s imagination. The issue of building an international market for Eket, is a public information, which the House Member has continued to make public.
The Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) signed, was entered by the Akwa Ibom State Government, and not David Lawrence.

The Eket House Member, who is an advocate of development, will continue to attract more projects to the betterment of the Ekid people, and will not be deterred by negative stories by people who are not his constituents, or some aggrieved persons, who feel their interest should be represented to their terms.

Every aspirant holds a right to vie for any office he wishes for, and never has the issue of zoning excluded others from contesting.

David Lawrence has only indicated his interest to contest for a second term in office, but appears to be the greatest threat to others.

It will be wise that all parties interested in the 2019 elections in Eket, should go about their consultations and campaigns as they wish, and not center it on David Lawrence.

Media Office of Hon. David Lawrence,
Member, representing Eket State constituency.

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