Agulu community on a manhunt for 19yrs old Lucky Obi, other for Sodomy, homosexual

A 19years old boy simply identified as Lucky Obi and one Mr Titus Eze, 45 years old motor mechanic are on the run for allegedly engaging in acts of sodomy and homosexual which is a taboo in Agulu village in Anaocha Local Government Area in Anambra State.

Advocate gathered that Lucky Obi, who was born on November 20 1994 was allegedly lured by Mr Titus Eze acts of sodomy and homosexual against the community norms and tradition, an act punishable by death.

According to a family source, on May 18th 2013, Obi had left the house to Mr Eze’s mechanic workshop which is their usual meeting place, but luck ran of them when the community youth chairman caught them making out at the packing store.

The sources who pleaded for anonymity added: “When they were caught making love that is man to man, he raises alarm and the community people gathered but Mr Eze and Lucky Obi overpowered him and ran out of the community.

Since Mr Eze is not from the community, the burden of cleansing the community now lays squarely on Lucky Obi whom the Chief Priest of Agulu said must be thrown into Agulu Lake home to an estimated three hundred crocodiles and water turtles.

Since the incident, Lucky Obi has not been seen, even the area police, community vigilante and other security agency are on are hunting for him and his pattern, however, his where about has remained elusive.

Legend has it that crocodiles in Agulu Lake were instrumental in delivering the town from enemy soldiers during the Nigerian Civil War. It is believed by the natives that these sacred crocodiles and turtles transformed themselves into beautiful ladies and lured the soldiers unawares into the lake where they disappeared without trace. However, this claim has not been confirmed.

Hence people are forbidden form fishing in the Lake or kill crocodiles or the turtles till date.

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